Bohol LTO starts rollout of 10-year driver’s licenses

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Bohol LTO starts rollout of 10-year driver’s licenses

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The Land Transportation Office (LTO) on Wednesday started its rollout of driver’s licenses with a validity period of 10 years in Bohol and the rest of Central Visayas.

The LTO initially rolled out the initiative on October 28 in its Central Office-Licensing Section and the Quezon City Licensing Center.

According to LTO Tagbilaran registrar Yvonne Auza, those without traffic violations in the last five years will be issued driver’s licenses with a 10-year validity upon renewal.

Those with violations will have their license validity cut down from 10 years to a lesser number of years depending on the agency’s demerit system.


“Kung naa siyay violation ang system ra mo compute kung pilay e-demerit niya na points so dili siya maka avail sa 10 years,” said Auza.  

She added however that their office was not given guidelines on the demerit procedure as this will automatically be computed by the agency’s system.

“Ang system ray mo compute kung pila ray ma avail niya na number of years Basta og naa siyay violation in the past five years, mo minus siya pero wa pa pud mo kahibaw pilay e-minus sa system,” she said.

The LTO meanwhile provided a six-step procedure for those who wish to renew their licenses through the new program:

  • 1. Create an Account in LTMS Portal
  • (Go to or scan the QR code)
  • 2. Verify your account within 24 hours
  • (A verification link will be sent to your email address. Please note that verification of your email address wil expire within 24hrs from the date of your initial registration. Failure to do so, the system will automatically delete your initial registration record.)
  • 3. Log-in & take the DL Renewal Course, then proceed to Comprehensive Driver’s Education (CDE) Online Validation Exam.
  • (Note: Exam is FREE OF CHARGE)
  • 4. Print the CDE Test Result as one of the requirements needed. Passing score is 13 out of 25 items.
  • 5. Before visiting the LTO Office, make sure to bring all the requirements; such as Driver’s License, Medical Certificate & CDE Certificate of Completion.
  • 6. Proceed to LTO 7 Licensing Office for the (physical) application, evaluation of Driver’s License, picture taking & biometrics. LTO FEE will be Php585.00. (A. Doydora)

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