15 Bohol schools declare preparedness to resume face-to-face classes; undergo validation

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15 Bohol schools declare preparedness to resume face-to-face classes; undergo validation

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Some 15 public schools in Bohol started to undergo inspection by the Department of Education (DepEd) to check their compliance with health safety measures set by the agency and preparedness to restart face-to-face classes amid the persisting COVID-19 pandemic.

DepEd Assistant Schools Division Superintendent Danilo Gudelosao said the 15 schools which are located in the towns of Panglao, Alburquerque, Getafe, Candijay, Cortes and Loboc submitted letters of intent to the agency to resume physical classes.

“Ang letter of intent gi submit to the office of the regional director then kami lang ang mo validate unya ang makapasar sa among validation mao na ang among e-recommend,” said Gudelosao.

Several schools across the country including 474 in Central Visayas have already resumed face-to-face classes but none from Bohol have been given the green light to restart physical classes.


The following schools in Bohol have submitted letters of intent and have either been set for “validation” or have already been validated:


  • Balicasag Elementary School
  • Lourdes Elementary School
  • Bil-isan Elementary School
  • Looc Elementary School
  • Panglao Central Elementary School
  • Panglao East Central Elementary School
  • Tawala Elementary School
  • Bolod Elementary School
  • Felix Bompat High School


  • Cantiguib Elementary School


  • Tambongan National High School
  • Can-oling Elementary School.


  • Sto. Nino Elementary School


  • Triple Union Elementary School


  • Famita National High School

These schools have declared that they have complied with the DepEd’s requirements for schools to resume face-to-face classes particularly in terms of health safety protocol.

Among the factors considered in the validation of schools’ declaration of being ready to resume classes are the vaccination status of faculty, retrofitting of classrooms, and concurrence or support of local government units.

Those undergoing validation will also conduct class simulations which will be attended by students.


“Inig validate sa skwelahan naa tay buhaton na simulation, naay pipila ka bata na pa-reporton aron makita nato ang entrance and exit nila, makita pud ang movement sa mga bata kay naa may directions dapat sa skwelahan kung asa mo agi, unya asa ilang isolation just in case naay ma positive or hilantan,” said Gudelosao.

According to Gudelosao, three teams from DepEd Bohol have been deployed to inspect the schools.


He added more schools are expected to be validated in the forthcoming weeks after they send their letters of intent. (RT)

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