Some Tagbilaran areas to experience 12-hour brownout due to maintenance

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Some Tagbilaran areas to experience 12-hour brownout due to maintenance

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Some parts of uptown Tagbilaran City, specifically in Barangays Dao, Tiptip and Ubujan will experience a 12-hour power interruption tomorrow Friday January 12, 2024, from 4:00 in the morning up to 4:00 in the afternoon.

Bohol Light will undertake preventive maintenance activities, specifically for the upgrading of 3-phase Primary Distribution Line from 1/0 ACSR to ACSR.

The areas to be affected by the brownout are:

  • Along Darunday St., Dao District,
  • from Santa Cruz Parish and Part of Tiptip District;-          
  • Lindaville Phase 1 and 2,
  • part of corner Salazar,
  • along Kabangkalan Road,
  • along corner Uptown Road from corner Kabangkalan Road,
  • along Dagohoy Road to corner Exit Gate of Lindaville Phase 2,
  • along Pasan Road,
  • along Esabo Road from corner Pasan Road,
  • part of Elly Hill Road from corner Dagohoy Road,
  • along Casa Road from corner Esabo Road,
  • along road going to Slaughter House and part of road going to Serenity Park.

Bohol Light’s management said they will exert all efforts to restore power the earliest time possible and that the scheduled power interruption is needed to improve Bohol Light’s facilities in the mentioned areas and to further augment services to its customers.


In view of the scheduled power interruption, Bohol Water Utilities Inc. (BWUI) and the Tagbilaran City Waterworks System also advised that some of its consumers in Barangays Dao, Tiptip, San Isidro and Taloto will also experience low water pressure to no water supply in the duration of the brownout tomorrow, Friday.

Bohol Water’s management said that the power service interruption will affect Pumping Units No. 6, 7 and 25 in Barangays Dao and Tiptip, this city.

Areas that will experience low water pressure to no water supply are: Lindaville Phase 1, Lindaville Phase 2, part of Tiptip, part of Taloto, part of San Isidro and part of Dao.

Bohol Water also advised its consumers to conserve and store water in view of the service interruption.

Meanwhile, the city waterworks office also advised its consumers of low water pressure and no water supply tomorrow in Barangays Dao, Tiptip, Ubujan, Manga, Taloto, Cabawan and Uptown Tagbilaran as the power interruption will affect some of the city’s pumping stations located in Dao and Tiptip.

However, Chris John Rener Torralba, chief of the Tagbilaran City Waterworks System, assured its consumers that their generator sets will be running during the brownout hence the water service interruption could only affect the areas identified in 6 barangays for a few hours. (Kit Bagaipo)


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