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cartoon editorialLITERALLY, THE WORLD is looking at the broadcaster Maurito “Chairman Mau” Lim’s Valentine’s Day cold-blooded murder’s just solution-with sharpened eyes.
The “world” because the IFJ or International Federation of Journalists and the UNESCO, a United Nations agency mandated “to globally defend freedom of expression and press freedom” which were both shocked and deeply outraged by the 32nd journalist killed during President Noynoy Aquino’s wake – will not accept another added unsolved media murder statistic, signaling further impunity.They are surely watching alongside the whole country.with the (Manila Times) President saying of the killing ” the government recognizes the important role of media in our society” and Vice President Jojo Binay (Manila Journal) enjoined the “police to ensure the safety of journalists -free from harassment and acts of violence.”
The major national broadsheets,namely, the Philippine Daily inquirer, Philippine Star and Manila Bulletin gave the story prominence with the Star editorializing the killing two days after.The major TV stations ABSCBN, GMA 7 and TV 5 saw it as a big story.
The UNESCO Director General Irina Bokova, on the other hand emphatically declared that the : “impunity to such crimes increases the vulnerability of journalists who encourage self-censorship.. The authorities must provide media with as safe an environment as possible to ensure the public’s right to be informed.”
Murder charges were already filed Monday against prime suspect Geovani Orenia, a former convict (illegal possession of firearms and explosives) out on parole -who fell prey in a “buy bust” drug operation and whose last temporary residence (as family driver) was that of the late councilman Aleckoy Lim who was Oreniaa’s legal counsel and lawyer as well ( in the past ) for other drug-related suspects.The scientific ballistics test on the Orenia’s captured gun as the murder weapon was positively confirmed by the authorities.
Days after he was collared and identified as primary culprit ( also buttressed by the testimonies of witnesses ;he had a bounty prize of P 150,000) – a live hand grenade was thrown at the outside premises of the late lawyer Lim’s house and inflicting substantial damage.
The murder drama is ascending to a denouement that poses vital questions. Are the Chairman Mau murder and the grenade explosion related? Now that Orenia has admitted he was paid for the hachet man’s job for a daylight murder with a grand sum of P80,000- what was the motive for the killing and importantly – who is/are the mastermind(s)?
The hefty sum of P80,000 appears high even based upon big city Manila-based “take out ” jobs of professional assassins which could mean two things. One- that Orenia is an experienced gun-for-hire (so who else did he possibly murder in the past) and (two)- that the group behind him are men of vast financial resources. and wanted Mau dead so badly. Or wanted to send a message loudly to scare their perceived foes?
The police is reportedly investigating similarly-cast murders before the 2013 elections where Kagawad Gershon Dulag of Talibon was shot apparently by a professional hit man and Kagawad Pabling Mulos of Trinidad who died from lethal hand grenade shrapnel.
Talks are rife that a recent disputed land case (involving an alleged sale of P3-Million property) could be a motive for the daring murder near the dyRD-Bohol Chronicle premises where Chairman Mau was about to do his Saturday 11 o clock morning block-time program alongside his radio partner- former Governor Victor de la Serna- via phone patch.
That Land Theory, so far, has not pointed to specific names and the possible beneficiaries of Maurito’s death-reportedly attached to the controversial land deal. Neither had anyone felt vigorously alluded to (and perhaps drawn psychologically) as to come out in the open and disclaim the hinted, veiled allegations against them. Why?
We are sure the police and the NBI have not totally discarded (privately) the “drug angle” in this dramatic media murder along a busy city street in Inting street. And why not, indeed?
The fact that Orenia was collared in a “drug buy bust” operation means he is a pusher- who is his drug lord? Is he working independently? Was the murder -mastermind not a drug- entity?
Among other issues , it is public knowledge that the “Chairman Mau” program condemned the drug menace in Bohol society. But was his brave but passive stance enough reason to silence Mau permanently?
The grenade was thrown at the Aleckoy Lim’s residence after it was known publicly that the suspect resided there last. Were the enemies of Orenia (perhaps other drug organizations) angry that the Lims had apparently (though unknowingly perhaps) harbored a big-time rival drug player in Orenia? Who are these groups?
Were the grenade throwers -former enemies of the late Aleckoy ? – if so , why do this now when he is dead and thereby unnecessarily harm the other innocent members of the Lim and Trabajo families? Or did they time the bombing to deflect suspicion from them and divert it to the present Orenia murder case? The case is still clear as mud , to some .
Or are there other :”independent” groups operating on the sly out to extinguish any and all current influence that allows (in their perception) for the perpetuation of the drug menace here? Thus the grenade throwing incident? Who are they?
The local media is painfully aware that there are virtually no or reluctant takers to sit on the vacated chair of Mau at his dyRd slot- a clear and dangerous indication that the killing has a dampening, chilling effect on the freedom of expression in this city. This should not be.
If the killing is land dispute -based – will Orenia now unmask the plotters of the dastardly act and be legally accessible as a “state witness”? Is he qualified ,even? If the case is drug-related, what protection can the authorities assure the trigger man after he spills the beans?
We , of course, profusely laud both the provincial PNP command under Provincial Director Dennis Agustin and City PNP under George Vale -for pinning down swiftly the suspect in a thrill-packed, intelligent manner of apprehension. Does the NBI who sent a team here -in concurrence with the new findings?
We are , of course ,all aghast ,too, that the infamous Ampatuan massacre that took the lives of 32 innocent media men suffered a drawback last week when one of the scions of the Ampatuans was allowed to post bail due to lack of hard evidence. Wishy washy prosecution in this country is often the rule than the exception. Disgusting, that .
In this case, as we previously said -the whole world- is standing with bated breath for the conclusion of case surrounding the brutal demise of Chairman Mau. The Boholano community will also be eternally grateful if the case is led to its logical, unequivocal conclusion and all perpetrators dumped behind the literal bars of justice.Murder, after all, is an non-bailable crime.
But most of all, the disturbed soul of a murdered man in Chairman Mau, will forever be restless in its grave if the men who put a fatal,cruel finish to his career as broadcaster and businessman, are not handcuffed soon and rightfully punished by the long arms of the law.
Will we begin to smell in a renewed, refreshed belief in our often cursed justice system-after the rightful resolution of the Chairman Mau case? When?
Justice for Mau, is Justice for all. We can all rest with that thought. Shalom!
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