High Police visibility

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High Police visibility

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jayby Atty. Jay I. Dejaresco

We  were on a road trip early this week on the main highway of Bohol and one thing we noted was the visibility of law enforcers from the Philippine National Police from the different  towns of  the province.

This is something that should not go unnoticed because policemen were obviously on alert in this province while people were in observance of the Holy Week, while others, whether locals or visiting  vacationers were criss-crossing the highways onto the many resorts here in Bohol.

In almost every town, even at the height of the Holy Week last Thursday and Friday, elements of the Philippine National Police set up check points on the highway making  sure motorists were safe on the  road.


The check points also served as an effective deterrent against any form of lawlessness.

Thanks to the selfless law enforcers, law and order prevailed during  the Holy Week  break.

The presence of police checkpoints also deterred motorists from dangerous over-speeding

since they had to slow down upon reaching a point checkpoint.

This was became ever so vital specially when church goers during the Thursday and Friday religious activities converge in the different parishes, and even spilled over on the highways, owing to lack of space within the parish premises.

Many parishes are still holding masses in open grounds near the churches that were destroyed by major the earthquake that hit Bohol and the Visayas, two years ago.


Baclayon, Dauis are just a few of the towns with parishes that were destroyed, at least partly, hence parishioners milled around the premises spilling even outside, on each side of the highway.


The police checks therefore became an effective outpost and signal for highway motorists to drastically slow down upon approaching the checkpoints, thus preventing any danger to churchgoers.

The police  check points were also established with utmost professional preparation and execution.

Motorists were not prompted to make a complete stop, only to slow down with  clearly visible signs placed in the middle of the road.


Upon slowing down of every vehicle, police on the side of the road would just make a quick visual examination of the persons in the vehicle, and after sensing nothing unusual that would trigger any suspicion, vehicles would be hand-signalled to proceed on their way.

Policemen were also in there complete uniform, including their name plates made visible, which is a main requirement for any law enforcement authority to legally hold a checkpoint.


Gone are the days of infamous checkpoints during a more abusive past where lawmen manning a check point evoked a freightening, instead of reassuring presence.

We pay tribute to the law enforcers for simply doing their jobs on days that they were needed the most.

It was not an easy task because it meant they had to be away from their families, unlike the rest of the population who were either performing their religious duties, or were just spending good, meaningful time with their own families.

We hope to see continued police presence and visibility.

It is key to maintaining law and order in our society.

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