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mercado-thumbby Juan L. Mercado 

Does China have a “Manchurian candidate,   Pinoy version, for  the  2016 presidential elections?

That’s a lilft from earlier movies on brainwashed former prisoners-of-war who mrophed  into stalking horses for their captors.

Cambodia  played that puppet role when it chaired the ASEAN summit. It tried to rig  the final communique into endorsement for Beijing’s claims,. President Benigo Aquino  protested. And for the first time since it’s orgainzatiion, ASEAN adjourned without  a final comminque.


In April 2014, the Aquino government lodged protests in the United Nations that China was engaged in massive land reclamation activities in Philippine waters. That included the Mabini Reef.

Beneath Philippine shoals, are billions of barrels of, oil. So, China wants a  pliant candidate to win the May 2016 polls, , writes  Rodel E. Rodis  jouranlist and educator,

Rodis wrote “Telltale Signs” column in California and Philippine papers.. He served as President of the Board of Trustees of the San Francisco Community College District .

In 2014,  the then mint-new  Chinese ambassador to the Philippines Zhao Jianhua  hosted dinner at his Makati residence for the Binays. “The smart money is betting Vice President Jejomar “Jojo” Binay will be that candidate. , writes  Rodis

Days later, Binay  declared,  on a Visayan radio station,   that if  elected president , he’d back China’s call for “bilateral talks” to resolve the territorial dispute. He peddled   engaging in “joint  ventures” with China. And his staff   plastered media with press releases.

However, the latest  Social Weather Station survey, spanning late December  through January 2014,  found::  An overwhelming majority  ( 93 percent  ) of  Filipinos back the government’s efforts to defend the national territory” against China.  Two plus two equals four . Majority  would  spurn     a Pinoy clone of  the  “ Manchurian candidate”


Binay’s net satisfaction rating continued to slump, posting its lowest since he assumed office in 2010” SWS reported. . In March 2014 Binay  racked up +73 percent.  It has plummeted since  to   +31 percent. -– and  is  still skidding. Dissatisfied survey respondents bolted to 28 percent from last quarter’s 20 percent.


In contrast, he neophyte Senator  Grace Poe Llamanzares’  ranking  surged   from 10% to 18% in the survey. . “She is the biggest beneficiary of Binay’s decline in numbers.”

Sen. Poe said she was “humbled” by the SWS survey,  “I  view it as  positive appreciation and validation by a good number of our countrymen of my work within and prior to the survey period,” Poe said

“It inspires me that our people approve of what I have been doing,” she said. And  I will continue to do what I think is right and for the best interest of our countrymen,” she said.


Senator Poe appreciated former President, and now Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada,  for saying he’d   choose  her over Vice President r Binay in case they both run for presidency in 2016. “Eh, bahala na siya,” Erap said.

Poe has so far, balked at seeking the presidency..  But certain quarters are pushing for a Poe to team up with   Rep.Leni Robredo, widow of the late DILG secretary Jesse Roberdo, to form a tandem in 2016, Rappler reports.


Binay pooh-poohed the Aquino administration’s lodging a claim against   China with the UN International Tribunal of Law of the Sea.  No point, he said in a radio interview. .  China will not abide by the decision,  Binay  claimed.  All China has to do is wait a month after the expected adverse UN tribunal’s decision.

“And  will the Philippine claim will be, withdrawn, if Binay ever makes it to Malacanang? , Rodel asks. That would mean he accepts China’s position: Beijing    has “indisputable sovereignty” over almost  the entire South China Sea

China’s foreign ministry said, on Tuesday,  that it was “extremely concerned” after leaders of Southeast Asian countries expressed worry about land reclamation and navigational freedom in the disputed South China Sea.

After  their  summit in Kuala Lumpu, the 10-member ASEAN protested: : China’s  reclamation work “eroded trust and confidence and may undermine peace, security and stability in the South China Sea”.

In Beijing, a  Foreign Ministry spokesman said that China was “extremely concerned” over. The ASEAN  stance. “China has exercised extreme restraint,” he said, repeating that China believed the dispute should be resolved via direct talks between the claimants.There were no problems with freedom of navigation in the waters

Tell that to Binay.  For now, he peddles “joint ventures.”in accordance with the Philippine law”  But  China asserts  that it should be their laws that should apply.”

It’d  be unconstitutional for anybody, let alone Binay , to give China any control over Philippine shoals and the oil and natural gas underneath them. A“joint venture” with China requires the venture must be under the “full control and supervision” of the Philippines.

Will a “President” . Binay protect  rcoral reefs of the Philippines?

Surveillance photos taken by Philippine Air Force jets confirm that China is building military bases on at least seven of the Philippine shoals including one on Panganiban Reef (Mischief Reef) . This is only 85 miles from Palawan.

Not a  peep from Binay on just .exactly on how a he’d ““faithfully uphold” the Philippine Constitution?  Will he? Or  is he still smarting from being totally ignored in Jakarta after President Aquino  secured consent to spare a  Filipina maid from firing squad execution. ####

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