Netizens continue to express their ‘feelings’over Miss Bohol results

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Netizens continue to express their ‘feelings’over Miss Bohol results

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Tagbilaran’s Mary Eda Cimafranca has been crowned Miss Bohol 2015, beating contenders from different towns at the province’s oldest beauty pageant.  Courtesy: Ric Obedencio
Tagbilaran’s Mary Eda Cimafranca has been crowned Miss Bohol 2015, beating contenders from different towns at the province’s oldest beauty pageant. Courtesy: Ric Obedencio

It has been a week since Miss Tagbilaran Mary Eda Cimafranca won the most coveted crown and the “hakut queen” award —with at least 12 corporate and major awards:  Miss Renaissance Smile, Miss  Body Beautiful, Miss  Bellevue, Ramasola Viewers’ Choice Award, Miss  Supercat, Miss South Palms, Miss  SMART Texters’ Choice, Miss Hennan, Darling of the Press, Best in Talent, Best in Evening Gown and Best in Swimwear—the first Tagbilaran beauty to do so, and yet, the negative reactions from the netizens are not showing any signs of dying down.

The last time Tagbilaran won the Miss Bohol crown was in 2009 when Daisy Jane Quilicot took home the title.

Cimafranca’s win met with boos and criticisms as the audience reacted intensely that she was booed repeatedly during the pageant night.  However, beauty watchers said Cimafranca kept her poise despite the boos.

Boholanos turned to social media (at the unofficial Miss Bohol Sandugo fanpage since the comment section of the Miss Bohol 2015 official page was disabled) to express their opinions with bitter and hilarious posts to express their dismay with the results of the Miss Bohol. Much has been said about this year’s pageant; not only about the organizer’s unpreparedness but it was pre-arranged (lutong Macau), and a “cooking show.”  Not a few came up with disturbing observations. Hosts Rich Asuncion and Wil Devaughn were boring on stage and they didn’t know what to do, and thanks to Raul Gatal who saved the night. Some said that the Bohol media made a major mistake on choosing the darling of the press, the organizer was such a failure, and the major sponsors were biased for giving the awards.   Many were rooting for Miss Guindulman or Miss Jagna who aced all the segments and looked stunning throughout the competition. Some strongly agree; a few slightly oppose, while those fans of Miss Tagbilaran defended her.


Some netizens were also entertained by how some people can post humorous feedback like “luto na ang lechon (the lechon is ready) and some rejoinders said, “kalami ba anang lechon, (the lechon is yummy)” and “paghukad na kay excited nako mo hiwa sa panit sa lechon. (Get it ready because I am excited to get the skin of the lechon).”

A popular website posted their review on the pageant saying “Miss Bohol 2015 is the best cooking show at its finest.” The website said that “a clear gesture that everybody disagreed to the final decision as it was very different based on what we’ve seen and heard during the entire ‘cooking show.’ I pity Miss Tagbilaran as she’s now on the hot seat and the target of all bashes.”  However, the post has already been deleted.

Bohol’s seasoned host Raul Gatal who was a segment host of the pageant posted on his blog that “it was the most blatant booing to ever hit the Miss Bohol pageant.” Gatal, however, asked the public to support the winner.

“The competition has lost all integrity,” Ronan Cars commented on Facebook. ‘Anybody that watches the QnA can see that the scoring was obviously rigged and biased. This is a sad day for Bohol.”

Josh Halasan said, “The issue will never end unless organizers will explain the results…If they remain silent people will keep on asking. It’s not a nonsense issue because a lot of people deserve an acceptable explanation!”

Reziel Ranada chimed in, “Boholanos are not only loving people, don’t forget kini ang lahi na gikan c Dagohoy, so they will make a stand on what they believe is right. So for the reigning Miss Bohol it is  a bigger challenge for her na ipakita that she deserves the prestige and crown.”


Aileen Cespon Olantique said, “Come on…you may have the crown but you can never have the hearth of the people who witness the said Ms Bohol 2015.”


“It’s not her fault,” Beachy Twinkle commented, “but then the Organizers should have been fair. Because it’s their fault why this girl is being hated. Mediamen don’t have good taste FYI, they make people believe what they want people to believe..Sa BBP bashed girl can redeem herself if she make waves in a higher pageant, when she’s in the right age already I encourage this girl to join Major pageants…”

Jon Snow asked the organizer to explain why it happened. “ We demand an explanation from the organizers namely the JCI Tagbilaran City to close this issue. If it was the first ever booing occurred during the pageant night, there might be something else during the grand parade! Have you watched game of thrones season 5 finale the “Mothers Mercy” episode? What happen to Cersie Lannister as she walk back to the red keep might happen to Ms Bohol this grand parade if there is no statement and clarification on this! We dare you JCI to speak up!!”

Cimafranca’s fans said that those who can’t accept the results are “bitter” and “judgmental.”


Monena Turot commented: “I understand that you have given your 100% support to your candidate, but I think you need to grow up. In a competition, there is only one winner and then losers, accept defeat gracefully. You lose, Ms. Tagbilaran won. Do not make lame excuses.”

Another Facebook user Noux on Facebook said, “you people, especially bashers are acting like 8 years olds fighting over Batman and superman Grow up, she had to take in all your insults and booings and you people do not realize how much it hurt her, look at yourself, show a bit of decency as Boholanos.”


Keana Uy said that “bashers normally occur every after pageants and this happen not just in our province even in Miss universe the most prestigious pageant and we all know that. The newly crowned

Miss Bohol Sandugo Eda Cimafranca definitely will use her advocacy not only to her place but I think for all the people in Bohol.”

Miss Bohol 2014 Queenie Melody Fullante said, “that was a well-deserved win. I salute Eda for being able to handle pressure with such grace.”

“The Eda walk was the most significant,” said talent handler James Obedencio.

Jeanette Busano of the Tagbilaran Mayor’s Office defended Cimafranca.  On Facebook, she wanted to set the record straight:

“I think the comments given here are kind of unfair. First, the decision to give the crown to Eda was the judges’ decision. I will not entertain the fact that these judges were coerced into doing something against their will. Will Shalani or her husband for that matter, will come here just to proclaim Eda? I don’t think so. Second, the special awards given to Eda were made by the company sponsors themselves. They’ve called the shots, they’ve singled out Eda simply because she was the embodiment of what their company represents. These are all professionals. I firmly believe they know what they’re doing. Third, Eda was also picked out by the press as their favorite, having been awarded as the Darling of the Press — which means that media men, reporters, and journalists — known to be very discriminating — have also found her worthy. Reading all your comments, it seems that the judges, the media men, the major sponsors got it all wrong. So who then should be blamed for this? Is bashing Eda the right thing to do? Yes, we live in a democratic country, but I think it should not be a license to disrespect someone because they have a different opinion than ours. I think we should take the cue from Eda, when she answered with grace during the Q & A, despite some booing her. As with all competition, the decision of the judges is final and irrevocable. Going against it is simply counter-productive.”

Cimafranca did not comment publicly after the contest. And so far, there is no official statement from the JCI-Chocolate Hills.

However, some beauty pageant watchers said that ranting on the Internet with bitter posts will not do good. Tracy said, “We should move on and support Eda Cimafranca’s journey!”

I agree. Move on!


Hollywood actor Kellan Lutz has a whirlwind visit to Bohol. Hairstylist Ryan Sines on Kellan Lutz: ‘He’s so mabait at sobrang guapo.’ Courtesy: Ariel Fullido & Ryan Sines
Hollywood actor Kellan Lutz has a whirlwind visit to Bohol. Hairstylist Ryan Sines on Kellan Lutz: ‘He’s so mabait at sobrang guapo.’ Courtesy: Ariel Fullido & Ryan Sines

‘Twilight’ actor Kellan Lutz visits Bohol

While our paisanos abroad are homing here for the Sandugo and the Tigum  Bol-anon sa Tibuok Kalibutan (TBTK),  here for a  Bohol visit last week was Hollywood actor Kellan Lutz.


Lutz  is known for playing Emmett Cullen in “The Twilight” Saga film series; as Poseidon in the 2011 film “Immortals”; as Hercules in the 2014 film “The Legend of Hercules” and as ex-US Marine John Smilee in the action-thriller “The Expendables 3.”

He was in Panglao town to attend the wedding of his friend Jeremiah who married Miss Bohol International 2003 Maya Calope Galvan in a beach wedding held at the Panglao Island Nature Resort.

Lutz was actually part of the wedding entourage, according to sources.

During the reception, Lutz joined the CenterStage Band performing on stage.

“CenterStage band did not expect that the handsome, masculinated, and well-physique guy who was dancing hard on the sand dunes and jamming with us,” said CenterStage manager Ariel Fullido.

Lutz was mobbed by fans.

“He’s so mabait at sobrang guapo,” said Ryan Sines who met Lutz at PINR. “He was palabiro when I approached him to have photo ops.”

Lutz visited Baclayon town to attend a house blessing and some tourist attractions in Bohol.

Lutz said he loves the beauty of Bohol and he plans to visit someday with friends.


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