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cartoon editorialONE OF THE REASONS why the Philippines economic growth is not inclusive is most of Filipinos do not have the know how and financial literacy to go into business.

Except for a few school-institutions and courses, the educational syllabus here has been geared to make workers of Filipinos in employment and hardly  trained as businessmen.

One of the antidotes to that is that great business learning called the “Go Negosyo Center” located at the Capitol near Landbank .Not tomorrow.Not next week. Today, visit the center.

The “Go Negosyo” concept was developed and managed by the Founding Trustee in Joey Concepcion, currently the president of the RFM Corporation , a leading flour mill.


Joey is the perfect man to lead that crusade under the umbrella of the Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship. Joey may be a rich man’s son but he started as a blue collar worker. In the 70’s we remember him acting as “bodegero” of RFM until he learned all the ropes about flour milling and trading before he became president. He also runs an Italian Pizza joint.

Joey’s concept has found a champion in 38-year old senator Bam Aquino, cousin of the president, who made a law developing the small and medium enterprises in the country. The Bohol project is in tandem with the provincial government and the DTI (Department of Trade and Industry).

Because of its seasoned experience in business management, the Bohol chapter of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry will be a part of the loop-cementing a true public and private partnership endeavor to uplift the lives of many by teaching them to become businessmen.

In all nations in the world, it is the creation of the wide base of Middle Class that will ensure not just inclusive economic growth but the formation of an active “conscience of society”. The “Go Negosyo” is driving full speed into that direction.

Media will chronicle the growth of this new movement of economic emancipation for many and feature success stories to serve as inspiration to others.

In the Sandugo festivities, it was discovered that a lowly barangay captain and his wife in Carmen were capable of producing “world class” suka but did not have the know how to expand his production capacity and market. DTI can refurbish his engineering skills and equipment and the “Go Negosyo” should provide the haven to match “buyers and sellers” and short circuit the middlemen -which is often the reason why goods become expensive.


On the aside, it is good to know that there are current moves to make “Financial Literacy” a must high school subject and “Basic Accounting” a must for all college students. It’s a good start.


It is a pity how inventors and men with good ideas are shelved to the sidelights by those who have the money and connections who take over their  “gold mine” of ideas simply because no one was there to guide them. Not anymore, with “Go Negosyo”.

At the risk of over-simplifying the equation, there are two ways to a product or service launch

of a good idea into a financial undertaking:  Know your Market and Have a Business Plan.


Basically the  First  is to study the industry trends and the preferences of one’s consumer market and how to survive amid competition by coming up with  one’s product edge. The Second is to define the product branding characteristics, pricing, distribution and promotion and then translate one’s plan into a Profit and Loss Statement and Balance Sheet projection.

Then identify one’s source of financing: savings, friends/partners, banks or supplier credits.


Be aware, that “Go Negosyo” does not frown on one  owning franchises like the big ones Shakeys, McDonalds ano Jollibee or even the smaller ones like Potato Corner, Mr Quickie or Bon Chon. Anything that one’s market will be attracted to and one which can be financed from one;s available money  sources.

Make sure, though to ask the center if the industry one chooses will be affected -positively or negatively- by the forthcoming ASEAN integration.

Many of us have been at a loss  for decades what to do with our extra money, Not anymore!

“Go Negosyo” ta bai  and mga inday. Tomorrow, not Tuesday.

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