My ‘recycled’ Christmas list

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My ‘recycled’ Christmas list

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Beauty and brawn Neil Namuag can flaunt. Contributed Photo
Beauty and brawn Neil Namuag can flaunt. Contributed Photo


Seen: Spotted in Bohol was Dawson’s Creek star Joshua Jackson. He was in Bohol on Thursday  as part of his 21-day adventure to travel the world for “Years of Living Dangerously,”  a National Geographic documentary series on climate change which will start airing its second season in 2016. The actor seemed to have a good time during his stay on one of his social media posts while in Bohol.  Jackson is best known to his fans for his roles as Pacey Witter of Dawson’s Creek and Charlie Conway of The Mighty Ducks.

Scene:  Former city councilor Anne Mariquit Derikito-Oppus was the guest of honor during the launching of “We connect and your voice counts” project at Bohol Police Provincial Office. She said, “It’s not late to change our society. Our duty is to serve and protect the people no matter what.”

Scene: At least 145 pupils of Bagacay Elem. School in Pilar town were recipients of early Christmas gifts (school supplies and apples) from Mikey Gatal and OMG Friends in America–Atty. Sandy Roxas and Blaine and Malou Points of Seattle, Washington.

A big break for Gian Ale. Contributed Photo
A big break for Gian Ale. Contributed Photo


Have yourself a merry little Christmas,
Let your heart be light
From now on,
our troubles will be out of sight
Have yourself a merry little Christmas,
Make the Yule-tide gay,
From now on,
our troubles will be miles away.
Here we are as in olden days,
Happy golden days of yore.
Faithful friends who are dear to us
Gather near to us once more.
Through the years
We all will be together,
If the fates allow
Hang a shining star upon the highest bough..
And have yourself A merry little Christmas now. 

—Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

It’s five days before Christmas. Have yourself a “Merry Little Christmas”! This heart warming Christmas song, one of my favorites because of its ever-timely message, was immortalised by Judy Garland when she sang this song to Margaret O’Brien and brought tears to the eyes of the audience. The lyricist was Ralph Blane and the haunting music was composed by Hugh Martin. (FYI: Sam Smith has an amazing cover of this song).

Here’s my own list of “recycled” gifts to my favorite Boholanos.

For  Gian Luigi Ale— To perform on  The Ellen Degeneres Show. Why not? After all, Gian’s version of Thinking Out Loud has gathered 10 million viewers on Youtube. Paging, Ellen!

So many reasons to love L.A., the weather, Hollywood, foods and good friends.
So many reasons to love L.A., the weather, Hollywood, foods and good friends.

For Imaculada Cleofe Leopardas —Another beauty pageants to join to prove that Bohol is a land of charm and beauty.  Same for Candy Cumayas.


For Benjie Oliva and Atty. Joan Jagonos-Oliva —Another “joint venture.” The night is getting colder! He He He Same for  Rebecca Lusterio and Thomas Mejiso, David Maulas and Jenissa Laguda Peteros, Abdul Wallace and Chandrina Elluiska Schreurs-Wallace, and Doxson Asoy and Karen Digal.

For Dame Rose Soy —Good health for Bohol’s Queen of Tourism.

For Elvie Bongosia and Erol Macalandag—  Wedding bells! Wedding bells!


For Rep. Aris Aumentado— He can maintain his level of good governance amidst rampant corruption. And that he will continue his high standard of ethics. Same for our leaders as I look forward to seeing their enthusiasm, creativity and critical thinking skills translated into endeavours that will help the people and the entire Bohol.

For Tessie Labunog-Sumampong — Laurels! (Figure that out.)


For EJ Relampagos— Another European trip to broaden his travel experience!

For Van Delima— A hot girlfriend!

For Dr. April Lumuthang-Froiland and Arch. Junibe Froilan- A long-delayed stork’s visit.  Same for  Eden Descallar–Ceballos and Mikel Ceballos.

For Zenaida Darunday, Pat Ruiz,  Marianito Luspo, Atty. Kins Aparece, Salvio Makinano, Judge Raul Barbarona, Rosalinda Paredes, Mightee Palo, Alvin Acuzar, Dorris Dinorog-Obena, Liza Macalandag,  Isidore Ancog, Ellen Gallares, Lester Ouano and Vera Gesite —  Strength and guidance to  continue their advocacies!

For Rep. Art Yap — His good-old fashioned desire to serve the people will triple.

For  Kimpoy Mainit, Humfrey Nicasio and Hannah Precillas— A concert and a big break to showcase their singing prowess!

For Baby Tagoctoc—Good things in life for Bohol’s most influential and powerful bading. She has been working hard to beautify Bohol with her magic touch!

For Alexis Calipusan — A duet with her favorite singer Justin Bieber.

For Queenie Melody Fullante- A hot boyfriend! It’s about time to love someone.

Alaska is a breathtaking state to visit. Your VRS had a “selfie” at Chugach State Park to feel the cold!
Alaska is a breathtaking state to visit. Your VRS had a “selfie” at Chugach State Park to feel the cold!

For Loboc Children’s Choir, Alicia Bamboo Ensemble, Dimiao Children’s Rondalla, Loboc Youth Ambassador, Katipunan Elem. School Rondalla, HNU Diwanag Dance Troupe and Bohol Master Singers — Performances abroad to show to the world what hidden talents we have.

For Dalareich Polot —A boyfriend. Hopefully, she will meet her ideal man in the land of milk and honey.

For Peddy Bolanio and Glee Orcullo — An hour of Showbiz Rampa with more “daring,” “talkative,” and “controversial” guests.  Same for  Inday Charity of dyTR’s Showbiz Chikka.

For Atty. Victor dela Serna, Nestor Daarol, Felix Cempron and Allan Mangmang —A silencer that will prevent them from flaunting on radio to throw “feisty” words. They can do it after Christmas. Peace! Love!  He He He

For Inday Rufing — Another program to tickle funny bones.

For Rich Asuncion and beau— Marriage contract (indefinite)!

For  Fred Araneta, Chito Visarra and Gerry Pabe (dyrd’s Inyong Alagad) — More  interesting, more explosive news and more  “controversial” guests in 2016.  Same for Atty. Salva Diputado, Lito Responte and Edgar Tumanda of dyTR’s Cuentas Claras and Bohol’s Queen of All Media Ardy Ines Araneta.

For  Shanon Pamaong , Maximiel Tallo, Omie Auza, Jong Magallano, Omie Auza, Henry Baron, Rhigel Dulfo and Tracy Remolador Torres— Another fashion shows to display their artistic collections!

For AR dela Serna— More male pageants to showcase what Boholano men can flaunt! Same for  Neil Namuag and Danilo Torcende

For Ryan Sines, Ramil Dolauta, Donna Vitos, EP Relampagos, Jonathan Ocat, Rholly Ingking, et al — Colorful love life!  And dreams of our moments together, color my world with hope of loving you!

For Alfeo Jabinez and Amy Fiel Booc — A chain to bind them and lock their hearts forever and ever. Amen!

For Mila Lim — Good health to continue making her home the “Most Christmassy House” in Bohol.

For RC— A chastity belt! Cuidao! He He He  Same for “Ms T” who said she many lonely nights. He! He! He!

For those who are running in 2016 elections (you know who you are), a big goodluck!

VRS is wishing you a bountiful Christmas. May all your hopes and wishes be fulfilled to the utmost.


Why Mikey and friends in America won’t be home for Christmas

My whirlwind visit in L.A. last month for a 10-day vacation was a reunion. It was seeing and visiting old friends.

It was US-based Boholano socialite Mikey Gatal who fetched me at the Los Angeles International Airport.

“English please,” I told Mikey. “And no Filipino food.” And he laughed.

From the airport, Mikey brought me to a cozy Chinese restaurant to have lunch with the Galaura family- Lorenzo, Richel and Loraine-who were so thoughtful and kind. Over wontons and dumplings, my cousin Alot Bagotchay with another friend celebrity make-up artist Roy Tambong arrived to greet me.

After lunch, we went to visit Hollywood and Highland Center for coffee.  I told myself, “It‘s nice to see you again, Hollywood!” I enjoyed walking down the iconic Hollywood Walk of Fame looking at the different names of celebrities.

For millions of visitors, Hollywood is an essential part of the Los Angeles experience. Things to do in Hollywood include must-see shows and attractions, celebrity-frequented restaurants and world class hotels.

One can experience Tinseltown glamour at TCL Chinese Theatre or the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which has honored celebrities for over 50 years.  There is the state-of-the-art Dolby Theatre (formerly the Kodak Theater) is home to the Academy Awards.  The Universal Studios- Hollywood is a world famous theme park that includes the mind-blowing “Transformers: The Ride 3-D.

Mikey’s slim physique is getting lots of attention when he is attending fiestas and events in the Filipino community. He insisted that he follows a grain-free diet (only apples and little cereals). And he has a glowing pinky face. His secret? He admitted he is using “Beauche” beauty soap by former Carmen Mayor Che Toribio-delos Reyes.  “Only Beauche touches my skin,” said Mikey, “You can see the results in just few days- whiter and younger beautiful skin!”

In the States, it’s bonding with friends over food.  Babat Bagotchay brought me to Pink’s Hot Dogs, a land mark hot dog restaurant in Los Angeles, while Andy Digal Doria brought me to BCD Tofu House.  A fashionista, Andy is famous for his sexy facial hair.

After four days in California, I went to Alaska to see Aunt Flor and Uncle Ray Weaver. It was Aunt Flor who convinced me to “come to Alaska in the winter.”

No question: winter in Alaska is colder and darker than summer. But that doesn’t mean the state shuts down—at all.  Uncle Ray told me that what sets Alaska apart from the rest of the world is the length of the winter. If they would use the first snow as the benchmark, winter arrives in September and stays around until April.

In Alaska, there’s no time to hibernate. I took advantage of what makes Alaska special: the northern lights, plenty of snow (Snowflakes! Snowflakes!), wildlife (eagles and moose), salmon and cozy urban amenities.

It was in Alaska when we celebrated Thanksgiving Day in advance (two days ahead before the last Thursday in November).  Thanksgiving is a very important holiday, especially in the busy lives of Americans. Theygather to thank and bond over food and family.

I asked Mikey and friends if they were going home for Christmas but they said they were busy. Incidentally, Mikey and Andy will be watching the 64th Miss U pageant on Dec. 20 (Dec. 21 in Manila) at The AXIS in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Alot and Babat will come home in Jan. 2016.

Mikey and Babat wanted me to stay longer for Christmas. I begged off.

Again, so much to see, so little time!


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