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POPE FRANCIS WROTE  the Philippine bishops gathered in Cebu recently  for  their 112th plenary Assembly to find “new ways to show God’s mercy  to the people.” Mercy  and Compassion  have been  the overarching tenets of Pope Francis’ papacy.

At the Institute of Integrality we discovered that man basically runs after two types of pursuits in his life. “The Pursuit of Pleasure”  brings temporary pleasure – until man gets bored and looks for the next “high”. No real “human connections” are ever achieved.

In the “Pursuit of Excellence” – man spends all his time to develop his social, physical, financial, intellectual and psychic well being- to satisfy one’s ego. Life becomes a network of contacts but not a network of relationships.

It is only when man does his “Pursuit of Transcendence” – forgetting one’s egocentric needs  and be of service to others -especially the destitute and those  who cannot repay one’s goodness that one can  find true joy. Are there such people?


One such man is Brother Reylindo Ortega who spends all his waking hours to find support for at least six  foundations for the poor to this day- in his senior years.  In June last year- he was diagnosed with  grave cancer and was given 6 months to live.

Brother Rey was ready to die anytime and join his wife who departed three years ago. But that did not stop him from founding or helping new foundations. He spoke at the Institute of Integrality – on January 23- already on the 7th month and he was still  an engaging, humorous speaker. The impossible can happen.

What are these foundations of Bro Rey?

Tahanan ng Pagmamahal  is an orphanage behind the Pasig Cathedral which is operated under the coordination of the Light of the Family of famous preacher Bro Bo Sanchez.  Grace to Be Born, Inc.  at the Kapasigan is home to mothers who were earlier  contemplating abortion but were reared back into true Christian ethical behavior.  There- no questions are asked – and women are given board and lodging until they deliver their “many times unwanted babies”. The foundation even searches and helps in the consummation of legal adoption papers to rightful foster parents.

So far, 200 babies threatened by an  intent of  abortion have been saved.

Facing grave cancer- stage 4 , Bro Rey still  managed to assist a foundation in Abra that helped 48 lepers there, a disease borne out of poverty. Contrary to popular belief, leprosy is not transferable unless fluids from the lepers get in contact with a healthy person’s open wounds or skin. The foundation is called Hail Mary Inc  which provides seed money for livelihood and training of lepers and even the persons taking care of the lepers to make them productive members of the community.


The Department of Health estimates there are 2,000 new lepers every year.


Jesus Cares for Cancer, Inc.  precisely provides livelihood and aid to destitute cancer victims who have no one to turn to for support in their ailment.  Currently , they are supporting 44 cancer victims and  the foundation recently held a concert at the Aliw Theater with volunteer violinists, singers, dancers and artists last Friday in Manila.

The Jeremiah  35 6-7 Foundation Inc, on the other hand, is the sanctuary of girls aged 8-18 who have been rape victims. Founded in November 2012, it is a nursing home to poor victims ashame to face society and needing spiritual and psychological guidance.

Finally, the Pag-asa ng Pamilya  in Chicago Street in  Cubao (with Bro Bo) provides scholarships for poor but persevering students and with guidance to pursue their dreams in life.


Bro Rey does not know how much longer he will still live but has not stopped looking for ways and means to help these various foundations. Volunteer work like babysitting,  becoming mother for the motherless, teaching, food,clothing and toy donations are all accepted.

For those who want to  financially help the foundations of the Transcendent Man- Brother Rey Ortega, he can be reached at 0917 -816-4700 or


Brother Rey had warned all that like Jesus in the Bible do not expect 100% of those being helped to come back and thank you. Nine of ten never came back after they were healed of their leprosy in Jesus’ time.  One other reminder: we do not let out right hand know what our left hand is doing unless it’s needed to get support from others.

Christ has said in the Holy Book –  “Seek first the Kingdom of God and  His Righteousness -and everything else will be added unto you.” Not earthly  riches ,perhaps, but certainly priceless joy and sound sleep at night. And riches in Heaven.

We are captains of our ship -and we can become the Authors of our lives- daily writing into our personal book  regarding our journey in becoming a “man for others”.

In the “Pursuit of Pleasure” – man becomes a utilitarian , placing a peso tag price on  everyone  and every move is meant  to take or get pleasure while resting is merely to escape from it all. Only to wake up  in the morning -wanting to look for  more and more- of the same.

In the “Pursuit of Excellence”- one is reduced to a game where the. bottom line is top “competitive capacity”- a stressful target. Transcendence, on the other hand,  is to find a vocation, to use rest for contemplation of the higher order in life and thus become a  “being”.

Ironically – in the transcendent stage, it is in the  “absence of  self” that one finds himself. For it  is in giving that one receives- it is in dying to oneself, that one is born to eternal life.  SHALOM!

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