Sterner measures against illegal parking to ease city traffic congestion

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Sterner measures against illegal parking to ease city traffic congestion

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In efforts to clamp down on illegal parking which has been causing congestion in Tagbilaran streets, the city council has put forward an ordinance that will allow the towing and clamping of illegally parked vehicles and is now awaiting the enactment of the proposed legislation.

The ordinance authored by Councilor Bibiano Inting cleared the first reading yesterday during the council session, making it possible for it to be approved before the end of the month.

According to Inting, a public hearing will be organized while the council awaits the approval of the ordinance.

It is expected that incidences of illegal parking will go down once the ordinance is approved and implemented, freeing up congested areas in the city which have partly been clogged by illegally parked vehicles.


The city government has taken a sterner stand on the issue as violators continue to pile up even as illegal parking restriction has been strictly implemented in Tagbilaran.

Officials see the measures fit for the violation which better enforces the law as it deters motorists from illegally parking. (with reports from Allen Doydora)

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  1. Linux Linux June 4, 2016

    Political will is needed here.
    Maria Clara is occupied with motorcycles on both sides.
    JA Clarin is virtual parking lot or part of workshops.
    The city council shall have ordinance that require car owners or buyers to secure
    certificate that they have carport or garage before buying vehicles. Roads are made to
    move goods and people from one point to another not as parking lot.
    We are looking forward to the enactment of this ordinance.

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