Another ‘druglord’ killed

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Another ‘druglord’ killed

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After sizing up an alleged druglord and firearms smuggler holding base in Getafe, Rowan “Yawa” Secretaria, teams from the Police Regional Office (PRO)-7 killed another of its kind in Inabanga, David Anunciado, in another raid-turned-shootout.

The Regional Special Operations Group (RSOG)-Regional Intelligence Division (RID) 7 of PRO-7, backed up by the Regional Public Safety Battalion (RPSB)-7 and Inabanga police team came to barangay Kawayan at around 7:50 a.m. on June 5 to serve two warrants of arrest- -one for Anunciado, and another for a certain Edwin Pojas.

The search warrants were for violations of Republic Act 10591 or the New Firearms Law.

While the cops were on their way  to implement the search warrants, they spotted armed persons which prompted them to disembark from their vehicles and identified themselves as police officers.


The armed men, however, allegedly ignored and, instead, fired successive shots at the approaching cops.

The armed men then ran towards a house, according to the police.

RSOG-7 chief, Supt. Rex Derilo, stated in his report to the police regional director that they pursued the armed men and engaged with them in an intense gunfight, resulting to the death of five of the armed men.

Among those killed were Anunciado, Leonedes Enoc, Milkin Ohina, Alipio Anuta, and Pio Justol.

Scene of the Crime Operatives (SOCO) from the Bohol Police Provincial Office (BPPO) recovered a licensed caliber 45 pistol with loaded chamber, five medium packs of shabu, four half-medium packs of shabu, wallet with money inside, and two cellphones from Anunciado.

Recovered from the possession of Enoc were a licensed caliber 45 Grand Master STI pistol with loaded chamber, magazine with six live ammunitions, two 9mm fcc, a coin purse with six caliber 45 live ammunitions and six caliber 22 hollow point pellets, a wallet and a cellphone.


From Ohina, the SOCO recovered a licensed caliber 45 Colt pistol with loaded chamber with magazine loaded with seven caliber 45 live ammunitions, and two cellphones.


Recovered from Anuta were a licensed caliber 45 Colt Officer pistol with magazine loaded with one caliber 45 live ammunition, and money amounting to P69.

The SOCO recovered a 12-gauge Armscor shot gun with loaded chamber with five live ammunitions.

Other items recovered from the house were a licensed Colt M-16 A1 rifle with loaded chamber and loaded with 29 pieces of 5.56 live ammunitions; a licensed KG-9 with magazine loaded with 15 pieces of 9mm live ammunitions; a caliber 22 sniper rifle; a magazine with 15 live ammunitions; money amounting to P51,363 believed to be proceeds from shabu; sling bag with two magazines of M-16, one was loaded with 30 pieces of 5.56 live ammunitions, the other loaded with 31 pieces of 5.56 live ammunitions; eight shotgun ammunitions; two hand grenades; one 5.56 fcc, one 5.56 ammunitions; two 5.56 empty cartridges; 46 medium and seven half medium sachets of shabu with estimated weight of 247 grams and estimated value of P2.92 million.


The raiding team arrested the three other persons present in the house identified as Justino Vistal, Daria Nunes, and Renato Petecio.

The three were each caught in possession of two medium packs of shabu.


The police team proceeded to raid Anunciado’s house where they found a hand grenade and eight packs of shabu.

No illegal drugs was found inside the house of Pojas.

The operation was witnessed by Kawayan Barangay Kagawads Jose Coliano Jr. and Leonides Viodor.

A week earlier, the RPSB-7 had killed another suspected druglord in Getafe, Rowen Secretaria, and two suspected cohorts.

Aside from trading illegal drugs, intelligence officers at PRO-7 believed Secretaria had also been into the firearms underground business.

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