City to launch Oplan ‘Tok-Hang’

City to launch Oplan ‘Tok-Hang’

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In the looming bloody anti-illegal drugs operations come the start of the new national administration, local officials here prepare to complement the Oplan Tok-Hang- -short for toktok hangyo (knocking to appeal) to be launched by the city chief of police, Supt. George Vale.

In Oplan Tok-Hang, Vale said the police team will visit those whose names made it to the watchlist of drug personalities and request them to stop their illegal activities as the incoming President Rodrigo Duterte will surely make with good on his campaign promise to have drug personalities killed.

Vale had earlier requested barangay captains to list down the names of known drug personalities in their areas.

The list will be verified and then will be made the basis for the Oplan Tok-Hang rounds.


Vale also called on those actively involved with the illegal drugs trade now to quit while there is still time for them to change and shift to wholesome lifestyle.

The city chief of police made the call after the recent incident where a police team conducting a buy-bust operation was forced to shot a suspected drug pusher who resisted arrest.

Police identified the suspected drug pusher slain during the shootout as Rogaciano Omus Jr., also known as “Tano”.

The police team arrested seven of his cohorts, including two minors, during the operation conducted last Sunday night along Pamaong Extension in barangay Cogon.

The city chief of police advised drug personalities to voluntarily surrender to authorities, before Duterte assumes office and launches the bloody anti-illegal drugs campaign in July.

Vale also said there are other drug personalities in Tagbilaran who will be subjected to police operations in the coming days.


Vale also thanked the public for cooperating in the campaign against illegal drugs to whom he attributed the success of police operations.


He also called on parents of drug users to have their children rehabilitated and seek professional advice from authorities.

For his part, Tagbilaran City Vice-Mayor Jose Antonio Toto Veloso said the city officials are set to convene the 15 barangay captains in the city to brief them about the implementation of Oplan Tok-Hang.

Aside from the police personnel, city and barangay officials will also participated in Oplan Tok-Hang, going around to advise known drug personalities to stop their illegal activities.


Veloso said the role of barangay officials is vital as they are the ones who know the drug pushers and drug users in their village.

Veloso also called on the public to support the campaign against illegal drugs.


The vice mayor explained that it is not intended to malign the reputation of families with members who are involved in illegal drugs, but to help drug personalities reform.

Oplan Tok-Hang maoy is one of the programs proposed by incoming PNP chief Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa to solve the worsening drug menace in the country.

Oplan Tok-Hang was first launched in Davao City during Dela Rosa’s stint as chief of police and sustained by his successors.


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