Bohol cop tests positive for drugs

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Bohol cop tests positive for drugs

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A member of the Philippine National Police (PNP) – Bohol tested positive for drugs during a surprise random target test last week but withheld the identity of the police officer pending results of confirmatory tests.

Police Superintendent Ricky Deliles, Public Information Officer of the Bohol Police Provincial Office (BPPO) told DYRD Balita that succeeding tests will identify the type of drugs used by the police officer if it falls under legal or illegal substances.

Urine samples were collected from 31 out of the 42 police officers that went through the sudden random testing to nail down those using illicit drugs.

The tough process of testing and detection of police officers using illegal drugs is part of the ongoing “weeding out” program of the BPPO to strengthen the public’s trust towards the police.


However, Police senior Inspector Jojit Manangquil, Deputy Chief of the Provincial Intelligence Branch of the BPPO explained that due process will be strictly observed in the handling of police officers found positive for drug use.

A stringent disciplinary process will be followed if confirmatory tests shows drugs found in the urine falls under illegal substances and the offending officer will be facing dismissal from service, according to Manangquil.

The random drug tests was a prelude to a mandatory drug testing for all police officers that will take place a day after President-elect Rodrigo Duterte will take his oath of office on June 30, 2016.

The BPPO under the leadership of Police Provincial Director, Police Senior Superintendent Dennis Agustin is now waging an all out war against all forms of criminality that ended in the arrest or deaths of drug personalities who opted to fight it out with the police. (Chito M. Visarra with reports from Rey Tutas)


  1. Always Vigilant Always Vigilant July 2, 2016

    Name them, after they are proven to be really on prohibited drugs. Drug tests shall be conducted on all Bohol cops

  2. Always Vigilant Always Vigilant July 2, 2016

    To end the people’s frustrations, the current government shall hasten the prosecution of officials with pending complaints against them at the Ombudsman and the promulgation of decisions at the Sandigang Bayan. COA shall conduct “walk-through” audit on government transactions especially on LGU’s income generating enterprises and not only on “result” audit. They will discover that transactions are not issued government-prescribed receipts that can easily be manipulated at the end of day.

  3. Elpedio Elpedio August 2, 2016

    If a cop is found positive on drug test and found to be pushing drugs too will they be shot also or be invited to have a red carpetin Malacanyang!

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