Chatto desires change thru equitable growth

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Chatto desires change thru equitable growth

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RE-ELECTED Gov. Edgar M. Chatto takes his oath as re-elected governor before Court of Appeals Justice Gabriel Ingles. With the governor are his wife, Balilihan Mayor Pureza Chatto and daughter, Trisha.
RE-ELECTED Gov. Edgar M. Chatto takes his oath as re-elected governor before Court of Appeals Justice Gabriel Ingles. With the governor are his wife, Balilihan Mayor Pureza Chatto and daughter, Trisha.

Equitable growth is what Gov. Edgar Chatto desires to alter the development pattern of Bohol soon after he addressed inaugural speech at noon of June 30 to start his final three years.

Chatto formally assumed his last capitol term along with other top Bohol officials including the three congressmen, when sworn in at a joint ceremony at the Bohol Cultural Center on Friday.

“We need to make sure that our economic growth is equitable,” said the reelected 25th governor in his inaugural address.

To attain it, he emphasized the need for “something that must continue” which is sustainable development engaging the Boholanos who are “dedicated individuals.”


The joint inaugural and induction rite precisely spinned around the theme, “Ensuring Equitable Growth and Sustainable Development Through Shared Leadership, Interconnectivity and Partnership.”

Development is just and fair if growth is inclusive and no one is left behind, especially that considerable gains have been made in poverty reduction even if there is still a long way to go, Chatto said.

He took every challenge as “a daily part of governance as it is also true to life itself.”

The provincial chief executive clearly presented his thrust of never disrupting the balance of environment and development.

Otherwise, he said, the present is adverse to the ability of the next generations to provide for their own needs.

Chatto explained this is why “we also need to guard the carrying capacity of our God-given island against unsustainable development.”


Shared leadership is Chatto’s way of empowering the Boholano stakeholders for six years now.


He acknowledged that Bohol has to further interconnect in today’s globalizing world and the era of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) economic integration.

Chatto will have his administration expanding its networks with other government institutions, development sources and supporters.

Partnership, he said, is to be both sustained and broadened “because even as we lead, we treat every stakeholder as our equal, our partner” in the pursuit of progress and welfare.


Chatto delivered his inaugural speech while new Pres. Rodrigo Duterte and Vice Pres. Leni Robredo also held their inaugurations at separate venues in Manila.

The governor again enjoined all Boholanos to “pray for and support our new president” whom he described as the “first who comes from Mindanao and from the ranks of the local government units.”


He made the same call to the Boholanos for Robredo whom Chatto admired as a “champion of women’s rights and pro-poor initiatives.”

Chatto and 1st District Rene Relampagos thanked former Pres. Benigno S. Aquino III for his legacies to the Filipino nation and Boholano people.

Bohol’s continuing rehabilitation from the unforgiving earthquake and major projects like the new modern airport owed much to the Aquino administration.


At their joint swearing, Chatto took his oath before Boholano Justice Gabriel Ingles while new Vice Gov. Dionisio Balite was inducted into office by Regional trial Court (RTC) Judge Suceso Arcamo.

The oaths of Relampagos (1st Dist.), Rep. Erico Aristotle Aumentado (2nd Dist.) and Rep. Arthur Yap (3rd Dist), all reelected, were respectively administered by Judges Leo Lison, Arcamo and Carlos Fernando.

The new batch of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan has, for the 1st Dist., Board Members Venzencio Arcamo, Abeleon Damalerio and Ricky Masamayor; 2nd Dist., Tomas Abapo, Jr., Niño Rey Boniel and Agapito Avenido; and 3rd Dist., Kristine Alexie Tutor, Jone Jade Bautista, Elpidio Jala and Dionisio Victor Balite, son of the vice governor.

Arcamo, Damalerio, Abapo and Jala are all reelected while the rest are fresh.

Before the ceremonies, Bishop Leonardo Medroso officiated a thanksgiving mass at the St. Joseph Cathedral.

An ecumenical prayer led by representatives from the different religious groups opened the inauguration.


Chatto articulated for the first time in an inauguration and oath-taking of elective provincial officials his “more vigorous” expanded agenda now catch phrased “INSPIRED HEAT IT Bohol.”

The acronym INSPIRED stands for infrastructure, social well-being and shelter, peace and order, interconnectivity, reforms in governance, equitable economic growth with environmental sustainability, and disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation.

Foremost of the “immediate wants” of the governor is the complete construction of the new Bohol airport in Panglao in December next year en route to its operation by the first quarter of 2018.

He is also forging ahead with the development of seaports, roads and bridges, including the new one to link Tagbilaran City and Panglao island and the proposed Ubay-Pres. Garcia bridge and Talibon-Bien Unido bridge.

The road projects include those funded by national and foreign Official Development Assistance (ODA) sources thru such programs as the Bohol Earthquake Assistance (BEA), Philippine Rural Development Program (PRDP) and KALSADA, an unprecedented national-local counterparting scheme.

The governor vowed to ensure the provision of power and water for Bohol’s long-term needs, both for household and commercial uses, especially in tourism areas like Panglao.

Relampagos, a former governor whose vice governor then was no less than Chatto, told mediamen he will devote his remaining congressional term for the development of the full potential of tourism in Bohol.

Full socio-economic development will see expanding range of social services, notably to individuals in crisis situations, and ensure that shelters are there for families who need them.

Bohol’s fight against illegal drugs will keep making records with the multi-agency Joint Task Force Dagon intensifying, although transformation is valued with the establishment of a rehabilitation center and a youth home.

By interconnectivity, Chatto meant a broad spectrum of governance—linkages among government levels, improved roads and transport access, and competitiveness in information and communications technology and facilities.

Continuity is a must for Chatto’s reforms in local governance which have been evident in capitol procurement reform, internal audit institutionalization, and full disclosure and transparency initiatives.

“We will also pursue the development of public enterprise for the management of our provincial government assets, leading to revenue generation for better service delivery,” the governor said.

Equitable economic growth with environmental sustainability can come in many opportunities that are coupled with challenges.

These are expected once the Panglao airport operates, resulting in substantial volumes of tourists, visitors, investments and even wastes.

The governor thus reiterated the need to “guard the carrying capacity of our God-given island” in relation to possible excesses that may spoil sustainable development.

Of equal top priority, disaster risk reduction and management and climate change adaptation require greater capacity for resilience.

In pursuit of this, Chatto announced the creation of more TaRSIER 117 centers in the municipalities.


The province’s service delivery initiative in his first and second terms did “catch fire” in the grassroot communities, with the HEAT IT caravans playing a starring role.

The HEAT IT means health and sanitation, education and technology, agriculture and food security, tourism and livelihood, and information technology.

Chatto is more bullish to complete his hospital modernization program and enhance Philhealth services, among many other continuing health programs.

Ensuring food production is a critical focus of sufficiency effort as the governor anticipated La Niña which can destroy agriculture when it is supposed to recover from El Niño.

“True value-for-money” tourism has to be further promoted because the boom of the industry can generate  more jobs and create additional livelihood, Chatto said.

Relampagos, chairman of the committee on tourism of the past Congress, acknowledged tourism “having provided us the strategy for people’s gainful employment, which brings good to their families.”

Facilitating information technology infrastructure and making fast, reliable and affordable internet connection will continue, the IT industry being proven to be a large-scale employment provider.

The governor encouraged more LGUs to be ready to provide IT business-friendly climate thru needed infrastructure, tax incentives and even appropriate land use plans to suit investor requirement.

At the core of development strategies, “we need to champion a deeper respect” for the assets and heritage of the Boholano culture and arts, Chatto said.

He said the reconstruction and restoration of centuries-old churches, while spearheaded by the church, will continue finding support from all levels of the government.



Some members of the University of the Philippines (UP) Advisory Council of the Chatto administration flew in and personally witnessed the inaugural and oath-taking rites of the leading Bohol officials.

All Boholanos, too, they appreciated and congratulated what Chatto has done for their province, branding the latter’s leadership as “exceptional, committed.”

Those who came included UP professors Dr. Jose Abueva, Dr. Cesar Saloma and Dr. Rene Rollon.  Abueva, a professor emeritus, is a former UP president.

Dr. Guillermo Tabios and Assistant Solicitor General Herman Cimafranca also came and, together with the above-mentioned, gave essential inputs during the critiquing of the expanded Bohol development framework a day to the oath-taking.

“We have an exceptional leadership in Bohol.  Forming this council, making consultation and sharing ideas and concerns show a different kind of leadership,” Abueva lauded in the agenda presentation.

Bohol under Chatto is reputed to be the only province in the country having formed an advisory council of such caliber.

“Your dedication and commitment has truly inspired us all,” Chatto responded humbly. (Ven rebo Arigo)


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