Petche Ann Vale – A beauty queen with infectious smile

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Petche Ann Vale – A beauty queen with infectious smile

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Petche Ann Vale has charms us with her perfect beauty queen’s smile. Leo Udtohan/Chronicle
Petche Ann Vale has charms us with her perfect beauty queen’s smile. Leo Udtohan/Chronicle

When Petche Ann “Che Anne” Vale, Bohol’s official entry to Mutya ng Pilipinas 2016, visited Friday’s inaugural session at the Sangguniang Panlalawigan, lawmakers and visitors said she stole the show with a saucy strut, an infectious smile and a calm self-confidence that catapulted her to provincial attention.

Che Ann, 20, a Radiologic Technology graduate from Bohol International College, hails from Barangay Agape, Loboc, the music town of the province.

She is the second Lobocanon to join the Mutya ng Pilipinas and the third Boholana to do so. Other Mutya aspirants from Bohol were Noemi Naron (Miss Bohol Sandugo 2005 who was a semi-finalist in Mutya ng Pilipinas 1996) and Aileene Ella Dango who represented Loboc in Mutya ng Pilipinas 2010.

Che Ann—the eldest of three daughters—loves music. She can play any instrument. But just like other people in the community, she prefers the clarinet and the alto saxophone. She is a member of the Loboc Ambassador Youth Band since elementary.


“Music for me is a song of life,” said Che Ann, who stands 5’9, weighs 110 lbs., measures 32-24-35 and wears small-size shirt.

Che Ann was being encouraged to join beauty pageants even when she was a kid.

“When I was younger I would really love to watch Miss Universe,” she said.

In grade school, she was made fun of because of her height and curly hair.

“They called me silhig (broom) or kawayan (bamboo),” she recalled. “I wanted to be short like my classmates!”

It was only last year, when she started to do modeling that she embraced her statuesque beauty. She was declared Miss Bohol International College 2015 first-runner-up. There’s no doubt about what makes the pageant winner stand out. Her ‘girl-next-door’ charm coupled with her envious figure and stunning face is topped off by a really captivating smile.


“I feel like pageants are a great opportunity to push yourself and really see how great you can be so I join Mutya,” she said.


Che Ann is also using her time as part-time model to confront negative stereotypes about her color- piel morena and the pageant industry.

But beauty pageant experts say it is precisely because she is tall and piel morena she has gotten so much attention. Her skin color has long been celebrated as the most beautiful.

This Loboc stunner is going rigorous and intense training for her two-week preparations for the Mutya.


Tomorrow, Che Ann will be in Manila for her Mutya journey. She hopes that she can bring home the crown and it can be her break into a modeling career that could help her earn enough money for her family and for the board examination.

“Che Ann has a personal story that other Mutya candidates just don’t have,” said Khim Magtagad (aka Nicole Khim Gonzales) of The Art Nouveau Modeling Group, who now helps Che Ann. “She is a beauty queen from Bohol who is confidently beautiful with a heart.”


To know more about Vale, VRS asked her to complete some questions:

I hate people… who throw negative things about me and who put me down.

I avoid people… who are gossip-mongers (libakera, paki-alamera and hilabtanon).

I pray that God…will guide me towards my journey in Mutya ng Pilipinas 2016.  And that He will give me the 100 percent courage, strength and confidence. And hopefully I will get the crown.

The most important person in my life is… my family because they are the one who taught me everything and they are the main reason why I am here.

If I were to be reincarnated as an animal I would be…I really want to become a bird, because I really wanted to fly high, see how far can I go, and what’s beneath up in the sky and  how the world is moving.

Am I afraid of growing old? I am not afraid of growing old. It’s just a number!

I deal with gossip by… smiling because I know myself more than they know. As in walk first into my shoe so that you will know my story, before you will say anything.

Petche Ann Vale Leo Udtohan/Chronicle
Petche Ann Vale Leo Udtohan/Chronicle

My philosophy in life is… try and try until you succeed. There is nothing wrong when I will try at least I have measure and test myself. And I can correct my mistakes if I get it wrong.

I am happy… when I get to see my family all the time.

I am saddest… when I left alone and no one to talk to, specially when I have problems in life.

My ultimate goal is…. for now is to be A Mutya Ng Pilipinas 2016. Of course, with your support!

What I love my self….. I am simple person.

What I hate myself…I am so shy.

Face-to-face with God, I’d tell Him….God, please guide me and my loved ones.


A ‘memo’ to Bohol’s who’s who, leaders, et al


A few years ago, VRS casually mentioned a “memo” to Bohol’s who’s who, et al, you know, for them to “behave” if they don’t want publicity and blind item not to their liking.


Last week, a servant of the Lord “blamed” the media in his homily. Then, a newbie lawmaker didn’t skip to include the media people in her speech. To quote the lady lawmaker: “To our media friends and foes, please practice good journalism. Let me quote at what President Rodrigo Duterte said of the three types of journalists. First, the crusaders of truth. Second, the paid mouthpieces of journalism… mouthpieces of politicians, rather. Third, the extortionists or the vultures of journalism who destroy family and…. . So, dear media friends and foes, which category do you belong? I leave the answer to you.”

On the other hand, we thank the lawmaker for her “friendly” reminder. Thank you, and oucchh!!

As a tradition, here is a “recycled memo” to Bohol’s who’s who (businessmen including their sons and daughters, public officials, partygoers, beauty queens, models, fashion icons, feeling who’s who, wannabees, et al—you know, for them to “behave” if they don’t want publicity and blind item not to their liking.

Memo 1-Don’t talk when your mouth is full. It’s bad to talk when you have “something” in your mouth.  Be careful what you say or do, and how you say or do it in public. It might get you in trouble.  Likewise, don’t talk about other people’s lives and businesses when you are with someone or in public. The walls have eyes. Remember your teacher in Filipino who shared her favorite salawikain: “May pakpak ang balita, may tainga ang lupa.” Bow!

Memo 2– Don’t go bar hopping or attend a party with your “ex.” Don’t go in public with your friend’s wife or husband or even making tsika tsika of an old friend for old time’s sake to avoid being misinterpreted.

Memo 3– Be discreet. If you can’t be careful or can’t behave, be discreet . People are listening, and watching, every move you make. For example, if you are going to meet, meet elsewhere. Take separate transportation. When you have a date in a restaurant in Tagbilaran City or in towns, pretend that you don’t know each other. Avoid holding hands, meaningful actions or dropping tell-tale in public. The public eyes are cruel.

Memo 4– For a Freudian slip, here’s an unsolicited advice from a friend lawyer: Love your wife above all, don’t fall in love, it’s for companionship and for sex, don’t leave evidence like a baby, and family first. If you’re caught, just deny to death!

Memo 5– Please behave. Don’t post “nasty” or inappropriate pictures in your Facebook account. Remember, Facebook is not your friend.

Memo 6-Be careful on what you wear when you are in public. Well-mannered people behave in public. People care less if you’re wild at home; they care about what you do in public.

Memo 7– Don’t react on blind items. Deny that it is not you in the blind item. If you text or tell the writer that you are the subject of a blind item, it’s an admission of guilt.

Memo 8– Ignore the issue. People will make it a fiesta menu for three or seven days and they will be tired talking about it and they will be craving for another menu. If you can’t take the issue, vanish or get lost.

Memo 9– Be modest. Don’t flaunt your wealth in public if you are a public official. Don’t live a lavish lifestyle. Don’t be vain. Extravagant lifestyles are one of the most obvious indicators of corruption and among the easiest to document.

Memo 10– Deadma or disappear.  Just let the issues die a natural death. Remember, the more you react, the more people become intrigue. Plain and simple, if you can’t swim, don’t.

Memo 11– Relax. Don’t go berserk and run after media people who report about your indiscretions. Remember, the poor press guys are just reporting the “crimes” you have committed. Remember, the media isn’t the perpetrator of the “crime,” it doesn’t make things happen but only reports what’s happening. Thank them anyway; it will melt their cruel hearts.

Memo 12 – Know the curse.  There is a curse of being public. Because of the nature of one’s job, one can lose his/her right to invoke the right to privacy especially if one is in public service where a public servant derives his/her power from public trust. What he/she presents to his/her public is open to scrutiny and therefore, judgment by the people he/she serves.

Memo 13- Be grateful.  We all know that public office is a public trust. It is always a great privilege to hold an office, more so a public office and to render service honestly and fairly without fear or favor. The greater or higher is the office, the greater is the responsibility. Spideman said, “With great power comes great responsibility.”  But Tarsing said, “Ngano ming-enter!

As a public property be ready to be analyzed, criticized, roasted, but praised if deserving.

As the famous cliché goes: In this lifetime, you cannot avoid gossips and unkind words from other people. I mean, whatever you do, you will never please everybody. It is a universal precept and you cannot dodge it… so quit trying. Enjoying your life and let them be. But remember: Don’t resent the fact people keep on checking on you. Besides, if you weren’t worth anything they wouldn’t bother.


Thanks for your letters, all will be answered. Comments welcome at, follow leoudtohan at Twitter /Facebook.

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