Dauis mayor debunks report on house raid

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Dauis mayor debunks report on house raid

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Dauis Mayor Merriam Sumaylo debunked a report indicating that authorities raided her home two days ago in Barangay Tabalong while the town executive was allegedly missing as she surrendered to higher officials.

According to Sumaylo, the said report was likely fabricated by political rivals as she was out of town for official matters on the day of the alleged raid.

The mayor was surprised when people were sending her messages informing her that authorities raided her home while she was away Monday, July 11, 2016.

Even Dauis government employees were in disbelief when the report spread as most knew her whereabouts, she said.


The Dauis police had also confirmed that there was no raid conducted on the house of Sumaylo during that day and if there was such an operation, the local authorities would have known.

Sumaylo said that she is not involved in illegal drug activities and that there are no reasons for authorities to go after her for the said crime.

As some factions have also questioned Sumaylo’s wealth while she is currently in public office, the mayor said that the income came from a lending company she owns.

The mayor appealed to those who started the rumor to verify information first before spreading them as facts. (with reports from Allen Doydora)


  1. Nap De La TorreMelicor Nap De La TorreMelicor August 10, 2016

    Where in the world can you hear or find elected officials admitting corruption or any illegal activities they were or about to get involved? The only solution to prove that they are, is to conduct a full dress investigation, one of which is lifestyle check if their assets such as homes, and other luxuries they got if would match with what they earned from any lawful callings or business. Positive results will connect them to the illicit business or being protector of any illegal business such as the “evil drug”.

  2. John Jay Rumbo John Jay Rumbo August 10, 2016

    With the news reports & PNP’s updates, Dauis is one of the highly drug infested municipality in Bohol.

    The same thing goes to other neighboring towns, especially the Northern Towns of Bohol where drug trades were VERY rampant (as DUTERTE’s vocabulary “HIGHLY SHABULIZED’), and the CONTINUED efforts of apprehensions in raids and police operations with reported volume & amount of drugs including firearms confiscated!

    And yet local officials, the LGU’s had denied involvement? How come these trades goes top level without their knowledge?

    Lifestyle check!!! …and we’re eagerly awaiting these names in the FRONT PAGES!!!

  3. LykkeBo LykkeBo August 11, 2016

    Usurers are heartless, that is why they progress, so does drug pushers, Lords and cuddlers. They just have one thing in common. The love of money. They don’t mind the lives of their victim as long as they get their money. Think karma!

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