Man nabbed for sexual harassment; victim won’t file charges

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Man nabbed for sexual harassment; victim won’t file charges

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A woman who was reportedly sexually harassed while sleeping onboard a boat bound for Cebu Wednesday, July 13, decided not to file charges against her alleged harasser.

The victim, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that she pitied the suspect’s wife and mother who pleaded for her not to file a complaint.

According to the victim, she was fast asleep before she noticed that the suspect, identified as Isidro Sumud-Ong, a resident of Brgy. Wepo in Alburquerque, was groping her.

She stressed that it was impossible for Sumud-ong to be sleepwalking as he was apparently wide awake during the incident.


After the victim quickly stood up in astonishment, the suspect reportedly tried to escape.

Incidentally, there were two police officers onboard who were able to arrest him.

The suspect was turned over to the Lahug District police upon arrival in Cebu. According to the victim, Sumud-ong repeatedly apologized at the police station.

Sumud-ong, who was on his way to Cebu to apply for a job as seaman, knelt down and pleaded the victim not to file charges so he will not be barred to leave the country and work abroad.

The victim added that she did not expect Sumud-ong to sexually harass her as he was “respectably dressed”. (with reports from Allen Doydora)

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