Oplan Wagtang starts without kill

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Oplan Wagtang starts without kill

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Tagbilaran accomplishment was  on top of the record in the first wave of a six month clean-up drive against illegal drug rings .But no bloody killing this time.

This time, the crackdown on the supply side of the drug menace touches on the usual buy-bust operations yet.

Reportedly, Oplan Wagtang is perceived to have been designed for liquidation of drug suppliers, druglords or financiers, and drug runners.

The latest major haul involved P1.3-million worth of shabu confiscated in two separate operations on connected personalities.


The operation at around 8:45 p.m. on July 15 along M. Torralba St. in Tagbilaran City resulted to the arrest of Lakai Panalo Akolan, a native of Tubod, Iligan City in Lanao del Norte.

Members of the Provincial Intelligence Branch (PIB) of the Bohol Police Provincial Office (BPPO) caught Akolan selling a pack of shabu worth P1,000  to a poseur-buyer.

Pursuant to his arrest, the PIB team frisked him which resulted to further recovery of nine more packs of shabu.

Akolan, who resides in barangay Taloto here, also earned a living from selling DVDs and VCDs.

The PIB team also arrested his companion, Alex Abambar, who yielded a large pack of shabu.

The police team also seized the car that Akolan and Abambar used in the transaction.


Prior to the operation at M. Torralba St., the PIB team also arrested their cohorts in a separate buy-bust operation conducted at around 5:30 p.m. on the same day inside a hotel along J. Borja St. in Tagbilaran City.


From the operation at the hotel, the PIB team confiscated 17 packs of shabu in assorted sizes, aside from the subject of the buy-bust, from a certain Jeffrey Celada, also a resident of barangay Taloto.

The PIB estimated the total weight of shabu confiscated from Akolan and Abambar at 80 grams with estimated value of P944,000, while the haul confiscated from Celada weighed approximately 30 grams with estimated value of P354,000.

Police Senior Inspector Ricardo Tero who led the buy-bust operations said that the seized drugs were from Marawi City in Mindanao and transported to the province through Jagna.


Akolan allegedly supplied drugs to Celada, Tero added.

The suspects are currently detained in jail pending the filing of charges against them.


In another buy-bust operation conducted at around 2 a.m. on July 13 at Mangrove Suites in barangay Mansasa, the Provincial Public Safety Company (PPSC), led by Police Supt. Nicomedes Olaivar, arrested a suspected big-time drug pusher and eight others having a pot session- -including a brother of Ubujan Barangay Captain Mary Jane Ruiz.

The PPSC team first arrested the subject of the buy-bust operation, identified as one Joseph Varquez, after being caught selling a sachet of shabu to the poseur-buyer for P500, a marked money.

Varquez, a native of Talibon, ran to a room in the lodging house, and the pursuing cops found eight other persons having a pot session.

The PPSC team confiscated another pack of shabu in medium size from Varquez.

Caught having a pot session were Domingo James, 39, married and resident of barangay Libertad, Baclayon who yielded a sachet of shabu; Paul Christian Vincent Culpa, 21, single, resident of Poblaciuon 1, Tagbilaran City who also yielded a sachet of shabu; LLoyd Lester Ardon, 25, resident of barangay Mansasa, Tagbilaran City who yielded two sachets of shabu; Jesus Navea, 38, married, also a resident of barangay Mansasa, who yielded two sachets of shabu; Andy Claros, 30, married, resident of barangay San Isidro, Tagbilaran City, who yielded two sachets of shabu; and the 26-year-old brother of Barangay Captain Ruiz, Leolito Dahab, a resident of Ubujan, who yielded a sachet of shabu and a pack of dried marijuana leaves.

Their two female companions were identified as Mariasol Lumbab, 28, married, a native of Toledo City in Cebu; and Rosalene Culgue, 23, single, resident of barangay Bool, Tagbilaran City who both yielded  drug paraphernalia and materials usually used in repacking shabu.

Ruiz had repeatedly advised her brother to stop his vices, but Dahab refused to heed.

In an earlier operation of a team from the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG)-7 based in Cebu City, a father-and-son tandem yielded 29.7 grams of shabu.

During the operation in the afternoon of July 12, the CIDG-7 team arrested one Ranulfo Borja, also known as “Tatay Dodong”, a 58-year-old resident at Venancio Inting Avenue, Poblacion 1; and his 32-year-old son, Dax Lyndon; together with two patrons caught in the act of sniffing shabu.

One of the shabu patrons caught sniffing shabu was a barangay tanod of Poblacion 1, identified as Bernard Ambuyon- -40 years old.

The other one was Jason Delfin, a 33-year-old resident of Poblacion, Loboc.

The CIDG-7 team conducted the raid based on a search warrant issued by Executive Presiding Judge Soliber Teras of the Regional Trial Court (RTC) Branch 10 in Cebu.

The raiding team confiscated three large packs and 14 smaller packs of shabu with estimated weight of 22 grams, drug paraphernalia and some repacking materials from the older Borja.

Also confiscated from him were five firearms- -a .45 cal., a 22 caliber pistol, two .38 cal. revolvers, and a .22 caliber snub-nose revolver; five magazines for .45 caliber pistol and one magazine for .22 caliber pistol.

From his son, the raiding team confiscated two large packs of shabu estimated to weight 7.2 grams.

CIDG-7 is preparing drug charges related to Sections 11 (possession of dangerous drugs) and 12 (Possession of Equipment, Instrument, Apparatus and Other Paraphernalia for Dangerous Drugs) under Article II of Republic Act 9165 or the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act against the Borjas; and another charge for illegal possession of firearms against the older Borja.

Delfin and Ambuyon will be charged under Section 7 of RA 9165, a provision on visiting a drug den.

In Inabanga, a known drug personality who had just surrendered under Oplan Tokhang was arrested, together with a companion during a second round of police-led Tokhang campaign on the island barangay of Cuaming.

The arrested persons were identified as one Danilo Minguito, 37, married; and one Jerbie Minguito, 28, single, both residents of barangay sa Cuaming, Inabanga.

The municipal police team were conducting a Tokhang campaign for Danilo in his house when they chanced the two sniffing shabu, together with another companion.

The other person managed to flee.

The police team confiscated a sachet of shabu, some drug paraphernalia and materials used in repacking shabu inside Danilo’s house.

Danilo had earlier surrendered under Oplan Tokhang but was later found to have returned to the illegal activity.

Another Tokhang surrenderee in Duero had been arrested later in a buy-bust operation at around 12:30 p.m. on July 15 in barangay San Pedro.

Police identified the arrested person as one Jeffrey Jason Likayan, 18, single and a resident of barangay Langkis, Duero.

The cops spotted Likayan selling shabu, prompting them to send a poseur-buyer to trap him.

Indeed, Likayan handed a sachet of shabu to the poseur-buyer in exchange of P500.

The police team frisked him after the buy-bust, resulting to further recovery of eight more sachets of shabu.

Police Senior Insp. Joseph Berondo, chief of police of Duero, said Likayan had been in their watchlist of drug personalities.

Berondo said Likayan was among the drug personalities who yielded to the police station under Oplan Tokhang on July 10.

However, after monitoring and evaluation, the police intelligence team found out that he returned to his usual illegal activities.

In Buenavista, the municipal police team served the warrant of arrest against Elton Del Rosario at around 10 a.m. on July 15 for the latter’s pending case of qualified unlawful possession of a low-power firearm for which Judge Irma Zita Masamayor of RTC Branch 52 in Talibon recommended a bail bond of P150,000 for the case.

The operation resulted to the confiscation of two sachets of shabu from Del Rosario, leading to another case under Section 11, Article II of Republic Act 9165 or the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002.

The subject was reported to have been present inside the house of his grandmother, Candida Torregosa in Barangay Bato, Buenavista when the police team arrived.

However, Del Rosario attempted to evade even before the police officers could introduce themselves and inform him about the warrant of arrest they came to serve.

This prompted the cops to chase him who was running towards the back portion of the house.

Security personnel designated at the back trapped and subdued the subject. Upon frisking him, they recovered from his possession, two sachets of shabu, and two pieces of rolled aluminum foil inside a folded aluminum cap of Tanduay Rhum in his pocket.

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