City LTO asks cops to rid office vicinity of fixers

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City LTO asks cops to rid office vicinity of fixers

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The Land Transportation Office (LTO) in Tagbilaran City will call on the city police to rid the agency’s vicinity of fixers who have been freely running their operations right outside its office.

Tagbilaran City LTO registrar Erwin Patalinghug said that he will ask the city police chief, Supt. George Vale, to post police outside the office to disperse fixers pestering and victimizing people who have transactions with the agency.

According to Patalinghug, the often unscrupulous operation remains rampant but the office has its hands tied as the fixers are conducting their transactions with the public outside of the LTO premises.

Fixers and even those working for private agencies are not allowed to hold transactions within the LTO premises, Patalinghug added.


He also warned the public to avoid transactions with fixers and advised those who have businesses with the LTO to directly deal with agency personnel inside the office instead.

There had been numerous reports of fixers taking advantage of those with transactions with the LTO but the perpetrators have not been penalized or arrested as the dealings were made outside the agency’s office. (with reports from Allen Doydora)


  1. concerned concerned July 20, 2016

    The LTO is a joke. It is run by the fixers. You only have to spend 30 minutes watching and you can see the whole thing is corrupt. If Pres Durterte were to send a couple of undercover cops from Davao he would find it is widespread and no doubt the maYOR HAS KNOWN ABOUT IT FOR YEARS

  2. Concern Concern July 20, 2016

    What about the employees who are asking for payment? You will not pass the exam unless you pay for the required amount. I was a victim of paying extra amount just to pass the very easy examination.Fixers and employees are the problem here.

  3. pedroalinsud pedroalinsud July 26, 2016

    hehehe… kinahanglan pa bang ipahibalo? patjon dajun!

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