Drug-related killings up;Bohol police sets probe

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Drug-related killings up;Bohol police sets probe

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The body count in drug related killings is now getting the attention of the Bohol Police Provincial Office after no less than Police Provincial Director, Police Senior Superintendent Felipe Natividad is set to call for an investigation into killings outside police operations.

The unheard of kill rate that has remained unresolved has bothered Boholanos who initially accepted the almost daily killings as part of summary executions by drug groups bent on instilling discipline within their ranks.

Natividad told the media that the investigation will focus on summary killings of alleged drug personalities by unidentified assailants suspected to be gun for hires of drug syndicates.

Natividad stressed that killings of drug personalities in the course of police drug operations were legitimate and in accordance with police procedures.


The order of Natividad brings to light the inability of the government to investigate and prosecute the apparent summary killings when it is in a position to do so.

Most of those killed were on the police list of drug personalities and were known in the community as drug pushers.

In his first meeting with the Provincial Peace and Order Council on July 29, 2016, Natividad reported the death of five drug personalities during police drug operations.

In the first two days of August, four drug personalities were killed – Romulo Quimpson in Barngay Tugas, Candijay, Epifanio Camangyan in Barangay Candajec, Clarin and half brothers Herculano Dopengyo and Arly Ayeng in Pamaong Extension, Tagbilaran City.

All were on the police list of drug personalities and were killed by unknown assailants. (Chito M. Visarra and Rey Tutas)

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