HPG Bohol to strictly enforce Motorcycle Helmet Law anew

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HPG Bohol to strictly enforce Motorcycle Helmet Law anew

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The Philippine National Police – Highway Patrol Group (HPG) is set to again strictly enforce the Motorcycle Helmet Law in Bohol in a bid to prevent fatal road accidents.

According to Police Senior Insp. Saturnino Sedigo, HPG Bohol chief, motorcyclists will be required to wear helmets when driving in all parts of the province.

He said that motorcyclists should accustom themselves to driving with helmets to avoid having to pay hefty fines if they are caught by HPG personnel.

Sedigo noted that traffic-related incidents mostly comprise non-index crimes committed in the province.


Based on the latest report of the Provincial Peace and Order Council, there were 87 road accidents recorded in the month of August.

However, Sedigo said that it was a big improvement as 215 traffic-related incidents were recorded in the previous month of July, noting that number of accidents plummeted by 60 percent in August.

Currently, the wearing of helmets is not strictly observed in the province.

Sedigo said that most motorcyclists, including those in Tagbilaran City, are not used to wearing helmets, prompting the HPG to mull the strict implementation of the Motorcycle Helmet Law. (Allen Doydora)


  1. Danny C. Balo Danny C. Balo September 6, 2016

    You are concerned about the people severely injured when on accidents but you are not aware that wearing helmets give a great ideas to culprits and advanced them during time they commit crimes. Of course their dead fully covered by helmet and when they used motorcycles during act of crimes they’re not easily identified unless somebody get the mc plate number. Driving is drivers full responsibility, with or without helmet its the way on how the driver observed his/her safety. If they are rude in the road they gonna die. Discipline should come first to every driver. Again helmet give advances to riding in tandem. Pls think of it. If I gonna be the authority, I will abolish the wearing of helmets and implement the rider to a certain speed limit on all types of vehicle. Thats it!!!!!

    • Angkoldoy Angkoldoy September 13, 2016

      Mr. Balo,
      The only way we can see eye to eye on this issue: Those who drive without helmets would be required to sign a waiver taking personal responsibility for the additional hospitalization costs associated with those injuries caused by the lack of a helmet. The taxpayers and other patients should not be responsible for irresponsibility.

  2. Angkoldoy Angkoldoy September 13, 2016

    As a citizen of another country with significant family ties to Valencia, Bohol, I had my first opportunity to operate a vehicle at night in Bohol as my wife and I drove to Dimiao to enjoy their fiesta. Full disclosure: I will be retiring at the end of the year after a 25 year career in law enforcement.

    To find that approximately 30 – 50% of the motorcycles were operating without lights was astounding. AT NIGHT, NO LIGHTS. From my years as a cop, I know this is a no brainer bust. The only drawback would be that the cop may run out of summons/citation forms prior to the end of shift. In complete agreement with a mandatory helmet law, in the meantime …..

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