Ceres bus flips over in Garcia Hernandez

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Ceres bus flips over in Garcia Hernandez

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A Southern Star bus flips to its side as the soil beneath it erodes.

A Southern Star bus flipped over to its side along the national road in Garcia Hernandez after it went beyond the paved road and on soft soil which could not hold the vehicle’s weight.

Three women suffered minor injuries while the rest of the passengers got out of the bus unharmed as it slowly tilted over on a rice paddy early morning on Thursday.

All three injured passengers who suffered minor cuts were taken to the hospital and have already been discharged.

According to the Garcia Hernandez police, the accident took place along the national road in Barangay West Canayon of the said town after a commuter hailed the bus.


The driver reportedly stopped partly on top of soft soil which eroded causing the bus to flip to its side.

Authorities speculated that rains which started the night before the accident caused the soil to soften and erode as the bus was on top of it.

The incident sparked a number of speculations and comments on social media anew as a Southern Star Bus figured in another accident.

However, the previous accident was believed to have been caused by human error or a technical malfunction.

The previous incident took place in Dimiao on March 22, 2016. (Allen Doydora)

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