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More than ever, Social Workers play an integral part in our society.  Their job deal with and encompass a wide swath of existential issues facing our country, number one of which is our rampant drug problem.

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte said that the drug problem is the “cause of all causes.”  Drugs ruin our citizens’ futures, dash hopes and dreams, destroy relationships, wreak havoc to society, and can result in untimely deaths.  It is always a parent’s worst nightmare when his or her child becomes dependent to drugs.

This scenario has prompted the government of the present administration to begin investing big-time on the construction of drug rehabilitation centers around the country.  This endeavor, of course, will require significant funding, not just for the physical infrastructure needed, but also the medical professionals and staff required, which include Social Workers, to treat patients.  Hence, there is an urgent need for more Social Workers to handle the anticipated onslaught of positions in various fields requiring them, especially with the government’s efforts in funding rehabilitation centers across the country.

Social Workers provide social services, especially with the investigation, treatment, and material aid of the economically, physically, mentally, or socially disadvantaged.  Their all-encompassing mantra is really to “help people who are in need.” At the moment, there is a glaring shortage of available, qualified and competent Social Workers, exacerbated by the fact that there are not enough schools offering the Social Work program. Fortunately, there is a tertiary institution in Bohol offering the degree of Social Work – BOHOL INTERNATIONAL LEARNING COLLEGE – located at De La Paz, Cortes.  It is the only college offering this course in Bohol.


The exigency to produce more Licensed Social Workers who are equipped with human compassion is greater than ever, especially with the social problems besetting our country.  Social Work is a requirement for human development of a country’s social development agenda.  We cannot pretend to be blind to our country’s social problems and issues.  We need to be cognizant and do our part to resolve them.  Being a Social Worker can go a long way towards alleviating our social problems.  Come and join our family.  Visit BILC!  For more information, please call us at (6338) 503-9400 or 503-9405.  (Proceso L. Orcullo, Ph.D.)

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