Alert against threat as region hosts Miss Universe

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Alert against threat as region hosts Miss Universe

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Gov. Edgar Chatto has amplified in Bohol the call for vigilance to security threats as the region, particularly Cebu, is hosting one of the major events of the Miss Universe 2017 competition.

Cebu City is at the same time celebrating its annual Sinulog Festival that draws in millions of spectators, including foreign tourists who also likely hop to Bohol.

Bohol is not directly participating these activities and “we have not received any direct/specific terror threats that may cause alarm,” Chatto said.

But, according to the governor, the police “security arrangement is in place because we do not discount the possibility of Bohol island being used as a “staging area or withdrawal route.”


In a memo-advisory to all mayors and barangay captains, the governor reinforced the appeal of the Bohol Philippine National Police (PNP) to help spread wide the information.

Chatto strongly enjoined to all be vigilant and alert and immediately report to nearest authorities any unusual activities or even suspicious-looking persons.

The Bohol PNP endeavors to contribute to the peaceful and successful celebration of Sinulog and Miss Universe 2017 swimwear presentation in Cebu, Chatto said.

National and regional vigilance has been upped also following the recent killing of a militant group supporting the Islamic State (Isis) by Philippine security forces in Mindanao.

Both military and police warnings have been out against a possible retaliation while at the same time amplifying security to avoid a repeat of the terror bombings in Hilongos, Leyte last December and Davao City months earlier.

In his same advisory, the governor “reminded again” the mayors and barangay captains that “our fight against illegal drugs is an on-going top priority.”




The relentless anti-addiction campaign includes the serious conduct of drug education activities in schools, emphasizing by “demonstration” the direct “lethal” or “extreme toxic” effect of illegal drugs to the users as a fragile human body.

A doctor shared thru a text message to the “Padayon Bol-anon” program during one of its daily morning broadcasts on DYRD his idea of how younger people may be prevented from even testing shabu.

He suggested that education campaign must inculcate in the minds of children the very hazardous “contents” of which shabu or meth is made for them to fear and never try it.


Among the extremely toxic—as they are flammable and can be lethal—ingredients of shabu are ephedrine (brain damaging), toluene (chemical used for paints, adhesives, etc.), acetone (nail cleaner), lithium from batteries (cancer causing) / battery acid (corrosive chemical), drain cleaner (liquid soap), hydrochloric/sulfuric/muriatic acid (found in toilet bowl and drain cleaners), and chloroform (cancer causing).

Hydrochloric acid is a highly corrosive mineral acid also used to remove rust from steel and refine metal.


Others which are commonly used in making meth are red phosphorous (found in explosives such as road flares and on matchboxes), sodium hydroxide (also known as lye, in drain cleaners), anhydrous ammonia (found in fertilizer and countertop cleaner), lantern fuel or lighter fluid, ether (found in starting fluid), antifreeze, and iodine crystals.


As the PNP “double barrel” operation has kept high gear in the on-going war on drugs, “clearing the barangays and puroks” of drugs will be a main discussion during the Bohol assembly of the Liga ng mga Barangay (LnB) early in February.

Both the PNP and Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) would have mandatory the attendance of all barangay heads of the 1,109 barangays in Bohol’s 47 towns and one city.

“Drug-free barangays lead to drug-free city and municipalities and a drug-free Bohol,” asserted the governor, but he also qualified that a drug-free community can be achieved if all do cooperate. (ven rebo Arigo)


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