2 ‘persons of interest’ eyed in Cogon market rape —Tagbilaran PNP chief

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2 ‘persons of interest’ eyed in Cogon market rape —Tagbilaran PNP chief

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Two “persons of interest” in the alleged rape of an 18-year-old woman inside the Cogon Public Market in Tagbilaran City are set to be invited by the police for questioning, said the Tagbilaran City police chief.

According to Supt. Patricio Degay, one of the persons of interest was presented at a police lineup while the other was only known to have a “slightly shaved” head as authorities have yet to get his full identity.

However, Degay said that the two men were not tagged as suspects yet as they are still to be subjected to an interview.

“We will be inviting him there at the station, [ask him] where he was during the incident. We can see in his reasoning to determine if he’s lying or not,” said Degay in Filipino.


The police chief also assured that the persons of interest will not be able to flee as they are under tight monitoring.

Meanwhile, Degay confirmed that there were indications of rape against the victim based on a medical examination conducted following the incident.

“Based on the result, there was a laceration and with positive semen,” he said.

Earlier, police found a closed-circuit television camera mounted near the crime scene and had requested access to the device.

“We’re still requesting because it’s privately owned so at least we can get a CCTV footage if there is any,” Degay said.

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In the victim’s initial report to police, it was indicated that there were three suspects who forcibly dragged her into the Cogon Public Market’s empty restroom.

She was reportedly held by the suspects who then slammed her head into the wall causing her to lose consciousness.
(Allen Doydora)

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