1st Bohol Mango Symposium in Tubigon

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1st Bohol Mango Symposium in Tubigon

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The Bohol Mango Industry Organization Incorporated (BoMIO) and the Aani Mango Industry Association (AMIA), in consortium with Lucky Gam AgriTrade Company, will hold the first mango symposium on Sept. 30, 2017 at the cultural center in Tubigon town.

Bohol Mango Industry Organization Incorporated is a non-profit organization that provides capacity-building programs to farmers, growers and stakeholders of the mango industry.

It aims to develop and improve the mango industry in Bohol. It is composed of farmers, processors, exporters, wholesalers, spray contractors, mango experts as well as other associated mango industries.

Its activities and programs are funded through membership fees, sponsors, donors and others.


The symposium will have a plenary session, workshops and seminars on the prevailing best agricultural practices and market linkages.

Participants will be introduced to various market opportunities both domestic and international, Mango Investment and Production Credit Programs and other exciting programs for mango growers, farmers and stakeholders.

It aims to gather mango producers, farmers and growers from across the province.

The purposes of the programs include but not limited to promote the growth and development of the industry. It endeavors to ensure the industry’s long term sustainability and food safety, to analyze the problems and constraints of the key players in fresh mango supply and chain, as well as gather all ideas and feedback from the stakeholders.

The outcome document aims at providing recommendations on policy directions and required strategic improvements in enhancing the level of productivity, marketability and global competitiveness of the Bohol Fresh Mango Industry.

This will be distributed to all participants either via email or in print.

For more details, email at boholmangoindustry@gmail.com.

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