Sierra Bullones man hacked to death in mistaken identity case

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Sierra Bullones man hacked to death in mistaken identity case

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A man was hacked to death by his drinking companion following an altercation inside a karaoke bar in Sierra Bullones on Sunday in what may have been a case of mistaken identity.

Authorities identified the fatality as Renerio Galo, a resident of Barangay San Jose in Sierra Bullones, and the suspect as Brendo Besas, 37, of Barangay Salvador of the same town.

Based on initial police investigation, the suspect and another drinking companion, Joel Rosales, figured in a fist fight prior to the hacking incident.

Besas then reportedly fled the scene and returned a few minutes later wielding a bolo which he used to hack and kill Galo.


According to authorities, Galo was sleeping in a prone position on a motorcycle when Besas suddenly slashed him in the neck and various parts of his body.

Galo’s head was reportedly almost chopped off due to the suspect’s heavy blows using the bladed weapon.

In a report, police indicated that Besas immediately surrendered to authorities following the incident as he admitted to having committed the crime.

Besas told police that he was unaware of whom between Rosales and Galo he hacked to death due to his drunken state.

Although witnesses said that it was Rosales and Besas who figured in a fist fight, the latter claimed that he did not bother to identify which of the two he was slashing as he claimed that both men beat him up.

Based on information gathered by authorities, Besas and Rosales have known each other for a long time as close friends but had already been in conflict prior to the incident.

Besas is now detained at the Sierra Bullones lock-up jail pending the filing of charges against him. (AD)

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