Christmas caroler stabbed dead in Panglao

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Christmas caroler stabbed dead in Panglao

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A male Christmas caroler was stabbed dead Monday night by a man who was allegedly drunk in Barangay Libaong in Panglao, police said.

Authorities identified the victim as Johnie Pagente, 38, a resident of the said village.

Based on initial police investigation, Pagente was singing Christmas songs when the suspect, Abner Guiller, a 26-year-old native of Zamboanga del Sur suddenly attacked the victim.

Guiller, a caretaker of a Panglao resort, allegedly stabbed the victim three times using a knife.

Pagente was still able to run but fell down after just a few seconds due to the three stab wounds near his rib area.

According to authorities, Pagente was still rushed to a nearby hospital but was declared dead on arrival while Guilller was arrested by police.

The suspect was still under the influence of alcohol upon arrest, police said.

Based on information gathered by police, Pagente was suffering from a minor mental condition but was known to be law-abiding citizen.

Meanwhile, charges are set to be filed against Guiller today. (AD)

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