Clarin developed for tourism map

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Clarin developed for tourism map

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The municipality of Clarin is now being packaged as another tourist destination in Bohol with the support from the Regional Development Council (RDC)-7 being sought for the development of an eco-tourism circuit.

The Provincial Development Council earlier approved a resolution favorably endorsing the development of eco-tourism circuit from Caluwasan Spring leading to Binaliw Falls in Clarin and it is now with the RDC-7 for review.

The PDC endorsed to the RDC-7 for the inclusion of the proposed project in the Regional Development Investment Program (RDIP).

The PDC also endorsed it to the Department of Tourism (DOT), and the Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA) for support and funding.


It is described in the project profile that the development of eco-tourism for Tontunan Heights in Clarin includes the improvement of the road circuit leading to the destination.

The botanical garden, picnic grove, and restaurant at the Tontunan Heights are considered potential attractions to tourists.

A  travel of “1.5 kilometers away from Caluwasan” leads to the Tontunan Heights.

“The place strikes a balance between relaxation and adventure,” according to Clarin Municipal Tourism Officer Jay Marc Sotto.

Tontunan Heights is expecting a funding requirement of P7.5 million budget where P6.4 million will be sourced from donors, while P835,000 will come from the provincial government. The municipal government will provide P269,000 and P5,500 will come from the barangay.

Sotto added that “Caluwasan Spring will be connected to Binaliw Spring, where an environmental fee will be charged and tourists will be asked to plant a tree”.

“The tourism circuit, which has a rope bridge and a plank bridge, is in conjunction with the 2017 global tourism that will cater to millennials and baby boomers who do not want to spend much but can still see much tourist attractions,” Sotto added.

The development of Caluwasan requires a budget of P51.55 million which will be sourced from donors who may be able to raise P41.24 million, while the province will provide P7.732 million; the municipal government can provide P2.525 million and the barangay can provide P51,500.

Sotto also explained that “Clarin is being developed as an additional gateway through its three tourism destinations.

In line with this, the PDC also approved another resolution endorsing the improvements of Clarin Municipal Port to the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) and the RDC for inclusion in the (RDIP).

Clarin Mayor Allen Ray Piezas said that the tourist attractions in their town had already been featured in GMA 7 TV program.

Piezas also said that Clarin “is being developed as an alternate port for passenger vessels to decongest the road traffic of Tubigon.

By extending the port to 400 meters further, the port could already accommodate bigger vessels.

The “feasibility study, detailed engineering design and causeway embankment will be done in 2018” that will require P58 million.

“The causeway embankment will continue in 2019, as well as concrete paving and reinforce concrete curb” that will require P67 million,” according to Piezas.

It was also reported to the PDC that the PPA will shoulder P120 million, while the provincial government will contribute P3 million and the local government of Clarin will counterpart P2 million from its local funds.


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