Swiss national found dead in Panglao resort

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Swiss national found dead in Panglao resort

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A Swiss national was found dead inside his room at a resort in Panglao on Wednesday noon several hours after he was last seen alive in a drinking a session with several companions.

Alexander Beat Huber, 43, of Seidengasse Meilen, Switzerland was found sprawled on the floor by the owner of Cliffside Resort, Guido Richter at around 11:30 a.m.

Richter said the he checked on Huber as the latter did not open his door after knocking several times.

A female diving instructor of the resort reportedly applied CPR (cardio-pulmonary resuscitation) on Huber but he was unresponsive.

Huber was still rushed to a hospital but was declared dead on arrival.

Based on initial investigation, Huber died due to a heart ailment.

According to police, the victim was last seen alive through a closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage eating and drinking inside a restaurant on Tuesday night before he returned to his room at Cliffside Resort in Barangay Tawala.

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Huber who appeared to be drunk was then taken by German Udo Wrobbel, 67, to the former’s room and left him there.

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Based on an initial post mortem examination on Huber’s body, Dr. Julieta Cogo of the Panglao Municipal Health Office said that there were no indications of foul play behind the victim’s death.

However, Huber’s friends requested to have his body subjected to a full autopsy. (A. Doydora)

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