DUs to tap barge, diesel plant amid Bohol-wide power blackout

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DUs to tap barge, diesel plant amid Bohol-wide power blackout

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Bohol distribution utilities (DU) are set to draw electricity from various emergency sources that would provide supplemental power amid the shutdown of the National Grid Corp.’s (NGCP) 138-kV Maasin-Ubay line.

The Bohol Diesel Power Plant (BDPP) in Tagbilaran City and the power barge stationed in Ubay, both owned by the Salcon Power Corp., will be utilized during the 15-hour blackout on Saturday.

NGCP, through spokesperson Betty Martinez, previously bared that the firm would be conducting preventive maintenance work for the said submarine cable which directs power from Maasin to Ubay.

The initial scheduled blackout was expected to only last for 13 hours but recent advisory indicated that the power outage will be 15 hours long starting at 4 a.m.


Meanwhile, both the BDPP and power barge along with Bohol’s two hydropower plants will be generating around 27 megawatts during NGCP’s maintenance work.

However, Martinez had also noted that power drawn from the barge in Ubay will be rationed and will not be enough for the entire province as the facility can only generate 16 megawatts.

Power from the BDPP and the small hydropower plants will also be divided accordingly among consumers throughout the 15-hour blackout.

According to Engr. Christopher Cubelo of the Bohol Electric Cooperative I, only Panglao will have uninterrupted power services among towns served by BOHECO I.

Areas covered by the Loay and Carmen substations will have power in the morning but will experience outage in the afternoon while the NGCP maintenance work lasts.

Meanwhile, consumers getting power from the Macaas substation will have no electricity in the morning but will have resumed power services earlier in the afternoon.

For her part, Bohol Light Company Inc. (BLCI) spokesperson May Arcenal said that only the villages of Mansasa and Bool in Tagbilaran City are likely getting supplemental power during the 15-hour blackout.

The BLCI will only have access to 6.7 megawatts of power, she said.

In areas under BOHECO II, those covered by the Garcia and Imelda substations will be experiencing power outage in the afternoon, said Engr. Ariel Torrejos of BOHECO II.

Consumers served by the Guindulman substations will have no electricity in the morning only. (R. Tutas)

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