Torralba swindling syndicate members nabbed in Rizal?

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Torralba swindling syndicate members nabbed in Rizal?

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The Bohol Provincial Police Office (BPPO) is now verifying whether or not two suspects, male and female, who were arrested for the issuance of bouncing checks in Rizal province are connected to the swindling syndicate of Feliza Domingo Torralba.

According to BPPO Provincial Intelligence and Detective Management Branch (PIDMB) chief Supt. Rene Kyamko, they are now coordinating with Rizal province police to verify the connections of the suspects who employed the same scam used by Torralba to victimize at least 26 Boholanos last month.

Based on initial information gathered by the PIDMB, both suspects, Christian Bayagan and Milagros Cuevas, who were arrested Monday denied having operations in Bohol as they admitted to having carried out scams only in Calabarzon.

According to police, the couple’s modus operandi was very similar to that of Torralba and her companions’ as both groups used fake identification cards and doctored documents as part of their illegal operations.

Cuevas and Bayagan reportedly identified themselves as employees of Ca-Da-Ros Trading as they bought products from various businesses such as hardware and auto supply shops.

Both allegedly swindled their victims out of P2 million worth of various products.

According to Kyamko, the PIDMB is still awaiting further information from the Rizal police as they continue their investigation on Bayagan and Cuevas’ case.

Meanwhile, BPPO police investigators continue to carry out a deep probe into the large-scale scam of Torralba and her cohorts who were allegedly able to cart away over P2 million worth of merchandise and vehicles from local businessmen. (A. Doydora)

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