Man runs amok; shot by police in Carmen

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Man runs amok; shot by police in Carmen

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A man who ran amok inside his house was shot in the buttock by police after he allegedly tried to hack one of the responding police officers with a bolo in Carmen on Monday.

Analeto Saren, 43, of Barangay Montesunting, Carmen reportedly threatened to kill his wife Epifania and other members of their household prompting her to report the incident to police.

According to PO2 Alberto Cabahug, they saw the bolo-wielding Analeto terrorizing people inside the Saren family’s house as they responded to Epifania’s distress call.

The police were then about to enter the suspect’s house but Analeto allegedly dashed towards one of them with his bolo prompting Cabahug to shoot the suspect.


Analeto sustained a gunshot wound in his buttock and was rushed to a hospital.

However, based on the narration of Analeto’s 15-year-old son, Mark (not his real name), his father was not holding a bolo and that police forcibly entered their house by breaking their house’s door.

According to Mark, he saw the whole incident including when the police shot his father.

Meanwhile, Analeto’s sister is set to file a complaint against the responding police officers.

She admitted that her brother was a drug user and was sent to a drug rehabilitation center but did not finish his program.

Analeto may be suffering from a mental condition which, at times, caused him to threaten his family, she said.

According to Cabahug, Epifania has already submitted an affidavit to the police regarding her husband’s threats against her and her family.

Analeto is still being treated for his gunshot wound at a hospital. (Allen Doydora)


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