Lovely Place in Inabanga is home of 30,000 anthuriums

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Lovely Place in Inabanga is home of 30,000 anthuriums

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Scene:  The 155 star-shaped lanterns hanging beside the Maribojoc town hall.  The giant “parol” is an added attraction at the town plaza. There are stalls selling foods and snacks for those who want to satisfy their gastronomic adventure.

The 155 floating parols beside the Maribojoc town hall

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Tubigon offers to visitors a holiday ambiance this Christmas.

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What was known as a lovers’ dating place in a remote area in Bohol province is now a new tourist destination.

The “Lovely Place,” which is found at the peak of Barangay (Village) Sua in Inabanga town, at least 84 km from the capital city of Tagbilaran, offers unique landscapes and vistas.

The little-known garden which was launched this month was decked with flowers on the ground. The garden contains up to 30,000 leatherette red, heart-shaped anthurium flowers as far as the eye can see inside the 2.5 hectares.

“This place is created by humans to feel the blessings of nature,” said Lovely Anzano. Her business partner, Maximo Garcia, said that the place would help the tourism industry in the province.

The Sua Peak was known only for lovers until they decided to transform the place into something magical.

But visiting the place is not only for the artificial flowers that would glow in the midday sun and still stand out at twilight, but including the appreciation of nature’s beauty.

Lovely Anzano on “Lovely Place”: ‘The garden shares to deepen visitors’ understanding and appreciation of the natural world.’

At Lovely Place, one can view the “Sea of Clouds,” the famous Chocolate hills and Cebu City.

The “Sea of Clouds,” an overcast layer of clouds with a breathtaking view comparable to Mt. Pulag (that can be viewed well in Danao and from the nearby town of Dagohoy) can be observed at Lovely Place.

Visitors can also view the Chocolate hills from a different perspective.

“The hills are alive here,” said Anzano.

The tall buildings of Cebu City are visible from here.   

Visitors prefer to see the 30,000 red anthurium flowers glow at night time.

Anzano, 38, said visitors can come any time of the day to fully appreciate the anthuriums.   

“The garden shares to deepen visitors’ understanding and appreciation of the natural world,” she said.

Visitors are overwhelmed by the beauty of the garden.

Maria Torres, 58, from Tagbilaran City, said she was in awe of what she saw.

“Why aren’t they telling people about this? I’ve never seen such a beautiful sight as this,” she said.

Torres said she never imagined “Lovely Place” could be possible.

Another tourist, Yul Park, 37, said the place was magical.

“I have never seen anything like this, a three-in one package experience in Bohol,” he said.
”So lovely!”

GETTING THERE: Lovely Place is a mere two-hour drive from Tagbilaran City via the Sagbayan-Danao Road.  If you are from Tubigon town, it is at least 8 km from Sagbayan Public Market. Be sure to have your own vehicle if you wish to spend the night here.


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