‘Mutya sa Tagbilaran’ runner-up fends off sexual assault

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‘Mutya sa Tagbilaran’ runner-up fends off sexual assault

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Alana Marymagne Ligue was the second runner-up during the Mutya sa Tagbilaran 2017. |Photo: Ligue’s Facebook page

Mutya sa Tagbilaran 2017 second runner-up Alana Ligue was alone in her family’s house and barely clothed when she saw a stranger with a sinister grin standing right outside her bathroom.

She immediately knew then she had to muster all the courage she could to keep herself from being harmed, or even raped.

“The only choice left is to be stronger than him, perhaps mahadlok man gyud ag mga laki kung kahibaw sila na isog ang bae, kay ug nagpa luya-luya ko then that could’ve led me to be raped,” she said.

According to Ligue, she was taking a shower inside the bathroom of her parent’s house in Barangay Ubujan in Tagbilaran City on Wednesday night when she noticed someone peeping from the keyhole.


“I noticed na dili ingadto ang binarogan sa akoang tatay, so I already knew it na naay laing tao nisod sa balay,” she said.

Towel-clad, Ligue went out of the bathroom to check, only to find a man she did not know smiling at her.

He immediately dashed towards her and grabbed her left breast.

Ligue admitted she was trembling out of fear, but she said she chose to toughen up and muster strength to push him away and scream for help.

According to Ligue, this scared off the suspect who fled on board his motorcycle which he left outside the house with the engine on.

Ligue’s neighbors and Christmas carolers then gathered outside her house after hearing her scream.

She was slightly relieved but as she reentered the house, she saw her sling bag on the floor and her cellphone was missing.

“Naka-call ko sa akoang nakawat na phone using my bestfriend’s phone, natubag sa suspect pero sa tingog kay ilhan ag tingog sa motor na ga paharurot, but he never talked,” said Ligue.

Authorities and Ligue herself believe that the suspect only intended to burglarize the house but chanced upon her, alone and in the shower.

Ligue’s case is now being investigated by the Tagbilaran City Police.

However, authorities are still facing a blank wall as to the identity of the suspect, while charges have also yet to be filed.

A man was nabbed on Thursday morning for sexual harassment but Ligue verified that he was not the one who broke into her house and attacked her.

The arrested suspect was identified by the Tagbilaran police’s Women and Children’s Protection Desk as Jose Villella who was implicated in two other sexual harassment cases allegedly committed on the same night of the incident at Ligue’s house and on Thursday morning. (with reports from WM)

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