Buenavista ‘cop killer’ shot dead in Lapu-Lapu City after resisting arrest

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Buenavista ‘cop killer’ shot dead in Lapu-Lapu City after resisting arrest

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Suspect Dante Betaganzo was shot and killed by police after allegedly resisting arrest as authorities served an arrest warrant against him in Barangay Basak, Lapu-Lapu City on Thursday afternoon.

The suspected gunman in the killing of SPO1 Alejandro Estorgio of the Buenavista Police Station was shot dead after allegedly resisting arrest in Lapu-Lapu City on Thursday afternoon, said an official of the Bohol Provincial Police Office (BPPO).

According to BPPO Provincial Intelligence Branch (PIB) chief Sr. Insp. Jojit Mananquil, Bohol and Cebu police units were serving an arrest warrant for robbery against Dante Betaganzo when he allegedly pulled out a gun and attempted to shoot.

Betaganzo’s pistol reportedly malfunctioned while police operatives of a composite team comprised of the Regional Intelligence Division, PIB and Lapu-Lapu City Police Office were forced to shoot the suspect.

Police recovered a .45 caliber pistol in the crime scene.


Betaganzo has been identified as an associate of Emedio Aparece Jr., another suspect behind the killing of Estorgio on February 11.

However, Mananquil said that although Aparece was also present during the fatal attack, it was Betaganzo who shot and killed Estorgio outside a disco party during Buenavista town’s foundation day.

Aparece allegedly pointed a pistol at Estorgio but the victim was able to push away the suspect’s hand.

Meanwhile, Betaganzo who was beside Estorgio shot the policeman in the head, Mananquil said based on gathered information by the PIB.

Betaganzo immediately fled Buenavista after the incident and left for Cebu on board a pumpboat but Aparece remained in Bohol, he added.

According to Mananquil, Beteganzo alleged that Estorgio killed his older brother who was also Aparece’s friend.

Betanganzo and Aparece’s group allegedly vowed to seek vengeance and kill Estorgio.

Earlier, reports indicated that it was Aparece, clad in a disguise including a wig, who shot and killed Estorgio in front of a crowd and while there were Army soldiers and other cops scattered in the vicinity.

SPO2 Arnold Tayabas of the Buenavista police previously explained that the security forces were unable to immediately pinpoint the gunman amid the chaos as the crowd including revelers inside the disco area frantically dispersed after the gunshot. (Weli Maestrado)

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