Cooperative-owned gas station opens in Tagbilaran

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Cooperative-owned gas station opens in Tagbilaran

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The Bohol Community Multipurpose Cooperative (BCMPC) which has 1000 members inaugurated on Tuesday its own gasoline station in Tagbilaran City.

Jannete Romero and Melchor Daniel, BCMPC’s manager and chairman, respectively, led the opening of the cooperative’s Phoenix Gasoline Station, the first in the province, located along Gallares Street.

Tagbilaran City Mayor John Geesnell Yap II and Cooperative Development Authority administrator Benjie Oliva also attended the event.

BCMPC’s gas station is the first owned by a cooperative in Bohol.


Its establishment came after the CDA called on cooperatives to start businesses in the sale of petroleum products as part of efforts to address high fuel prices in the province.

The BCMPC aims to sell fuel at lower prices than those of the “Big Three” fuel stations, Petron, Shell and Caltex, its officials said.

For his part, Oliva called on other cooperatives to venture into the fuel retail business.

According to Oliva, several individuals have monopolized the industry causing the rise in fuel prices.

“The two major problems of the province right now in terms of the high cost of fuel and the high cost of fish are caused by a few people of this province monopolizing all of these enterprises,” he said.

The Bohol Provincial Board has previously tackled the fuel situation in the province due to public clamor against purported exorbitant petrol prices.

Meanwhile, Yap welcomed the new development noting that it adds to the fuel brand choices of motorists in the city and generates employment.

“Everytime nga naay bag-ong mga establishment, i-welcome gyud nato ni kay additional kita ni sa atong siyudad at the same time job opportunities ug ang pinaka-importante naa na puy laing option ang atong mga motorist,” he said. (Rey Tutas)

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