‘Jealous’ man chokes wife to death, kills self in Candijay

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‘Jealous’ man chokes wife to death, kills self in Candijay

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A man and his wife were found dead at their home in Barangay La Union, Candijay on Sunday in what is being investigated as a possible murder-suicide, police said.

According to Chief Insp. Joseph Perondo, chief of the Candijay Police Station, Victor Amoguis was found hanging from the ceiling while his wife Mary Anne was sprawled inside their restroom.

Both were found lifeless by PO2 Ramon Dutarot, who was a friend of Victor, at around 2 p.m. on Sunday.

Authorities believe that Victor choked Mary Anne to death, based on strangulation marks in her neck, before he hanged himself with a rope.


According to Perondo, Victor may have killed Mary Anne out of “jealousy” based on a three-page suicide letter written on a notebook found inside the couple’s room.

In the same notebook, authorities also found what appeared to be a pact between the couple in which Mary Anne admitted to having done wrong and vowed not to repeat the act.

It was not specified however what she did wrong against her husband.

“Wala hinoon gisuwat didto nga dunay kabit ang asawa, apan kung imong sabton mao na gud to nga naay lain ang asawa,” Perocho said.

According to Perocho, Victor also asked forgiveness for what he had done “out of love for his wife” through the suicide note.

He addressed the statement to both their families and to those who witnessed the couple as they exchanged vows during their wedding.

Mary Anne and Victor were married for two years and had no children, Perocho said.

Based on a physician’s initial examination, both have been dead for around 24 hours when their bodies were found.

Neighbors of the couple also told police that the Amoguis’ home was dark and quiet throughout the night on Saturday. (Allen Doydora)

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