2 Valencia cops accused of beating up cable TV technician

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2 Valencia cops accused of beating up cable TV technician

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Sergio Gitgano alleged that the two police officers only punched him in the stomach while they were inside the Boholano Cable TV, Inc.’s office in Valencia, Bohol on Tuesday night.

Two police officers of the Valencia Police Station have been accused of beating up a 24-year-old man who was supposed to be arrested for alarm and scandal late Tuesday night.

Sergio Gitgano, a technician for the Boholano Cable TV, Inc., told reporters that he will be filing charges against the two cops who allegedly attacked him inside their office.

The policemen were wearing plain clothes and armed with long firearms, Gitgano said.

“Natinga ko ngano, unsa may sala nako,” he added. “Sa tiyan ra igo, natinga ko ngano wa apila akong nawong.”


According to Gitgano, he was in a drinking session with three of his friends at the Boholano Cable’s pantry when the cops attacked him.

“Gi imbitar ko og graduation nya nag-inom mi…Ni hanyo ko na mo-balhin mi sa office para bantayan ang opisina, ga-guitar mi, kanta-kanta unya taod taod ny mi buno namo og bato nya na-igo ang sin,” he said.

Gitgano said that they did not mind the thump on the roof but as he was about to enter his room at the back part of the office, the three policemen entered the private premises.

Two of the cops allegedly started to beat him up while the other was watching.

Gitgano’s alleged attackers were later identified as PO3 Rol Bryan Wahing and PO3 Uresel Cristal while the lookout was identified as SPO1 Johnrey Ubanan.

Valencia police deputy chief SPO2 Gregorio Tubo confirmed that the three are police officers of the Valencia Police Station.

However, Valencia police chief Senior Insp. Joseph Lopena said that Gitgano’s and the police’s contradicting statements will still have to be verified and investigated.

Lopena said that the police officers and Gitgano figured in a scuffle as the latter resisted arrest when they responded to a complaint against noise coming from the office based on the statement of the accused cops.

“Naa tay gitawag na regularity in the performance of duty, so ikaw nagresponde ka unya human ikaw resisting ka kayo, di malikayan na naay ma kuan gyud nato…pero not intended na mo-punch,” he said.

The police were only trying to prevent Gitgano from “doing further damage” as he allegedly ran amok, Lopena said.

“Mao to’ allegation nimo pero ang allegation sa police lahi man pud,” he added.

The police were supposed to take Gitgano into custody for alarm and scandal but one of his friends who was celebrating his graduation pleaded for the cops not to make the arrest.

Prior to the confrontation, the responding cops were waiting outside the office but Gitgano only kept peeping out of the window.

According to Lopena, the police entered the Boholano Cable’s office as its gate was left open.

“Ang inyong gate is open, so tungod kay open siya meaning anybody can get inside kay pagkangan na mahog na public office kay media,” Lopena said.

The Boholano Cable is owned by Jun Daniel who is also the proprietor of the San Miguel Cable and Radyo Jagna.

Lopena said that he will be calling for a meeting with both parties including Daniel to discuss the allegation and notify him of the activities of Gitgano and his friends at the office during nighttime.

According to Lopena, it was not the first time that Gitgano and his companions were reprimanded for causing noise in the area. (A. Doydora)

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