Valencia teacher accused of punching student to go scott-free?

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Valencia teacher accused of punching student to go scott-free?

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Liza Baleon, a teacher at Lagtang Elementary School, has been accused of punching a boy and scraping his face with her fingernails.

The Valencia school teacher who has been accused of punching her student will likely not be sanctioned for physical abuse against the child.

According to Department of Education (DepEd) Bohol division superintendent Nimfa Bongo, the accused teacher, Liza Baleon, and the family of the 10-year-old boy have already reached an amicable settlement.

“Usahay naay disciplinary action, if ma-found guilty g’yud ang teacher. Pero kung naay amicable settlement, wala ra sad,” Bongo said.

However, Bongo assured that Baleon will be “reprimanded.”


She noted that DepEd Bohol will still have to “review” the incident before the case report will be submitted to the department’s regional office, a week after it happened.

“Amo pa tong tan-awon ang incident report ‘nya among ipasa sa region kay ang region ma’y disciplining authority of teachers,” she said.

Earlier, the Women’s and Children’s Protection Desk (WCPD) of the Valencia police already noted that the boy’s parents showed no interest in filing a complaint against the teacher.

Baleon, 28, has been accused of scraping the boy’s face with her fingernails and punching him in class.

PO3 Susana Madula of the Valencia police WCPD said based on the student’s testimony that Baleon was irked when she saw the boy writing on his legs and arms using a ballpen.

She reportedly called the attention of the boy who in turn back talked.

“Gi-ingnan sa suspek nga maestra ‘nganong nag-suwat-suwat man ka sa imong kamot OA ra kaayo ka’ ug gitubag usab sa biktima ang maestra nga “labaw pod kang OA” usa ang hitabo,” said Madula.

Prior to the incident, Baleon was reportedly already irritated after another student accidentally stepped on her foot. (A. Doydora)

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