‘Earth Hour’ should last more than 60 minutes

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‘Earth Hour’ should last more than 60 minutes

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THE SAGES HAD WARNED:  We are the first generation to call attention to “Climate Change”.  And if the world does not heed the warnings, we could be the last. As Nature unleashes her full fury on an abusive Earth People- reminiscent of wrath displayed by a woman scorned.

Abusing Mother Nature is no laughing matter. For man is dependent on Nature for many things we take for granted: the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat. We kid you not.

Look at the ratio of people dying from respiratory diseases (bad air), the food security threat brought by drought and storms (take your pick) and the recent ill-tempered water crisis in Manila. Climate change is upon us; ignore it at our own peril.

Last night, we hope many of us observed “Earth Hour” where we closed all unnecessary lights from 8:30-9:30 pm all over the globe. In 2007, it was just a tiny symbolic movement in Sydney, Australia where 5% of the world tried to wake up the rest of the 95% that Mother Nature is weeping.


Last night was the 13th such “Earth Hour” which was later started in 2008 as an international affair by the WWF or the Worldwide Wildlife Fund. In 2018, it attracted 133 nations and territories”  from “Singapore to Santiago(Chile), and Nairobi to New York”.

Some 17,900  monuments and landmarks closed their lights including the noble Buckingham Palace in England, the Eiffel Tower in France and the Pyramids in Egypt plus towering buildings in Hongkong.

The 2019 theme is #Connect2Earth and “Earth Hour” is the world’s largest grassroots movement to raise awareness of global change and how “communities, nations, industries and individuals” can contribute to reverse the violent changes. Because climate change is moving faster than we are.

Time is ticking fast and 2030 is the target year to reverse the deterioration and savageness of Mother Nature. The future of the next generations is at stake here. That is the reason why the United Nations is calling all nations to a major climate summit this October – to come to the table with concrete solutions based on advancing technology on our hands.

Some people were more creative. On “Earth Hour” they hosted candlelight dinners either as a twosome or families and groups and individuals trekked to forests and mountains with solar light on. The romantics went stargazing and appreciated nature when not distracted by artificial lights and sounds.   

Some worked out in gyms using just candlelights and others made resolutions -handwritten on papers (no computers) about their commitment to reduce their individual carbon footprints. They should be concerned.


The thawing of icebergs, rising sea levels,  changes on the earth surface, volcanic eruptions, tidal waves, earthquakes, forest fires, sand storms, typhoons, tornadoes, and droughts have been punishing the earth in regular abandon. The number of forest covers and the list of animals and plants are being reduced every year- listing more and more as “endangered” species.


But did that “One Tiny Voice” in Sydney in 2007 or 12 years ago impact the global march into nature’s protectionism? You bet, Watson, based on our research.

Last year, French Polynesia erected a 5 million square kilometer ocean water to protect its ecosystem; in 2014, Galapagos totally banned the use of plastic in its domain. Argentina, on the other hand, has 3.5 million hectares as marine-protected area and solar energy is now powering homes and street posts in India and the Philippines.

Uganda has 2,700 hectares of protected forest areas. And Russia has legislated edicts to protect their seas and forests. The effects of “Earth Hour” cannot be underestimated.


Our own province of Bohol has not been in a laggard, either. Just in this issue, we hear of two stories. One is that ten towns were given cash incentives for being the most successful managers of the Ecological Waste Management Program for Government.  

They are Antequera and Calape for the 1st district;  Talibon, Ubay, Trinidad, San Miguel and Danao for the 2nd district; and  Pilar, Loboc, and Candijay for the 3rd districts. Kudos to them.


On the other hand, the Philippines is known to be the 3rd largest users of plastic in the world even if our population is only 109 million. It is s shame. But not for our city.

The city and barangay governments, through JICA financing and Japanese technology -plus DTI intervention- has converted plastic into useful items by womanpower. Organized by KALIPI (Katipunan ng Mga Liping Pilipina), there is a thriving Plastic Recycling  Project for Improving Women’s Income program.

From plastic thrash, they are collected and designed using heat presses from Japan into likable items like lampshades, faux capiz shells, laminates, architectural designs, and designer bags and limited edition shoes. Whoa.! Impressive.

We are happy seeing environment-directed initiatives locally. So many tree planting activities are even supported by the Catholic Church, mangrove replanting by many civic groups, and segregation of garbage into biodegradable and non-bio degradable items.

Many can still be done: voluntary clean up of the Alona Beach area, Pamilacan Island and the Tagbilaran City Bay environs plus cleansing diving areas of plastics around reefs and marine habitats. We can free tortoise and other marine life caught inland into the seawaters and free the birds into nature.

A well known environmentalist-artist Iza Calzado lives what she preaches in a simple way. She brings water in glass bottles to malls, office, and gyms so that she will not have to use straws and a plastic spoon, plate, fork, and knife.  It can also just be reducing traveling around one’s car and, thus, reduce energy use and carbon dioxide in the air.

‘EARTH HOUR” started as a spark of an idea back in 2007. Today, not heeding its message could threaten our very survival as a human species.

It is, therefore, axiomatic that “Earth Hour” should not just be 60 minutes on March 30- it has to become our Way of Life. Shalom!

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SHE USED ALL THAT JAZZ: enchanting voice, engaging personality, good choice of music sounds and diligence in the service of station dyRD for much of her adult life. Till she and her son Dindo moved to Cagayan de Oro City.

Now, Nang Nena Saniel,  breathed her last -last Wednesday – a full 100 years and 10 months old. The Venerable Lady of the Air had lived a full life.

Back in the old BCBS radio where instead of airwaves, radio output was connected to home radios by literal wires, Nang Nena enchanted listeners with her speaking and singing voice. Males wowed over her auditory pleasantness and literally went to see her on the air at BCBS face-to-face,

Her last stint at dyRd was to mark all new 45 records (hundreds came weekly) as “jivy”, “slow”, “sweet” and some superlative adjective for exceptional ones- as station librarian. Her last on-radio broadcast was as host of the 7 pm “Mga Huning Tabunon” which had a faithful following.

From all of us :   Nang Nena Saniel- DAGHANG SALAMAT JUD!

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