New SP committees known; BMs get equal chairmanship

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New SP committees known; BMs get equal chairmanship

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Committees have been reorganized for the new Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP) “in a manner that all have been given opportunity to be heard,” provincial board presiding officer and Vice Gov. Rene Relampagos said.

This is contrary to the pupil insinuation and cheap intrigue by some politically-charged quarters that the composition of the committees of the SP – Batch 2019-2022 was allegedly “cooked.”

The vice governor said consultation with all concerned was made.

“In fact, no one objected to the passage and approval of the resolution that approved the reorganization,” he said.


Relampagos said “except for the vice governor, all SP members were given two committee chairmanships each, including (Senior Board Member Dionisio Victor) Balite” of the opposition.

Even if its majority precisely has the greater number, the SP still applied a sense of fairness when, according to some observers, it could have gone “tyrant” by the numbers game.

These are the regular board members, their parties and districts: Aldner Damalerio (LP), Ricky Masamayor (LP) and Lucille Lagunay NPC), 1st District; Frans Gelaine Garcia (NUP), Vierna Mae Boniel-Maglasang, (NPC) and Restituto Auxtero (NUP), 2nd District; and Dionisio Victor Balite (NPC), Jade Bautista (PDP-Laban), Elpidio Jala (NPC) and Elpidio Bonita (PDP-Laban).

The ex-officio SP members are Romulo Cepedoza representing the Liga ng mga barangay (LnB) and Christian Victor Bolos III representing the Sangguniang Kabataan (SK).

Philippine Councilors League (PCL), Bohol Chapter, has yet to elect its president who will fill up the third and last SP ex-officio seat vacated by former Board Member Gloria Gementiza, who lost in the regular election for 2nd District board member last May 13. 

Considered as members of the majority group are Damalerio, Masamayor, Garcia, Auxtero, Bautista, Bonita, Cepedoza and Bolos while Lagunay, Maglasang, Balite, and Jala comprise the minority.


But the SP has not drawn the political line, which is why there has been no word “majority” attached to the title of the floor leader.


These are the new standing committees and their composition as provided by SP Secretary Bonifacio Quirog:


1. Agriculture: Masamayor – Auxtero – Bautista


2. Finance, Budget &Appropriations: VG. Relampagos – Auxtero – Damalerio, Garcia, Maglasang, Bautista, Cepedoza

3. Health& Public Sanitation: Bonita – Bautista – Cepedoza


4. Rules: Masamayor – Balite – Bautista

5. Good Gov’t, Justice & Human Rights: Balite – Bonita – Cepedoza

6. Natural Resources& Environmental Protection: Auxtero – Bolos – Cepedoza

7. Tourism: Bautista – Garcia – Bolos

8. Zoning, Urban & Rural Dev’t: Lagunay – Cepedoza – Bonita

9. Culture & Arts: Bonita – Lagunay – Garcia

10. General Resolutions & Ordinances: Maglasang – Lagunay – Jala

11. Public Works, Highways & Infrastructure: Jala – Masamayor – Auxtero

12. Personnel & Related Policies: Bonita – Jala – Masamayor

13. Education: Garcia – Jala – Bolos

14. Women & Family Welfare: Garcia – Bautista – Lagunay

15. Youth & Sports: Bolos – Garcia – Damalerio

16. Social Services: Lagunay – Auxtero – Damalerio

17. Gov’t Properties, Enterprises & Related Undertakings: Jala – Cepedoza – Masamayor

18. Review of Mun. Ordinances & Related Issuances: (PCL) – Maglasang – Balite

19. Ways & Means: Damalerio – Garcia – Bautista

20. Public Utilities & Franchises: Cepedoza – Masamayor – Maglasang

21. Peace & Order & Public Safety: Masamayor – Bonita – Cepedoza

22. Cooperatives: Auxtero – Damalerio – Cepedoza

23. Barangay Affairs: Cepedoza – Bolos – Auxtero

24. Public Accountability: Balite – Lagunay – Maglasang

25. Trade & Industry: Bautista – Cepedoza – Masamayor

26. Labor & Employment: Maglasang – Balite – Bautista

27. NGOs, POs & Civil Society Orgs: Bolos – Damalerio – Bautista

28. TechVoc & ICT: Damalerio – Garcia – Bolos

Masamayor is the new floor leader while the assistant floor leaders for 2nd and 3rd Districts are Garcia and Bautista, respectively. (Ven rebo Arigo)

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