Retail terminals, facilities eyed to aid agri-fishery sector

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Retail terminals, facilities eyed to aid agri-fishery sector

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Bohol eyes to establish facilities and retail terminals to stabilize the supply of fish and fishery products to meet the consumption demand of the constituents without depending on the season.

 Towards this end, Gov. Art Yap requested the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) to assist Bohol in acquiring seaweeds powder facility, cold storage facilities, ice-making machines, and ice crusher with banyera)

 In a letter to BFAR-7 Regional Director Allan Poquita, Yap explained that “even for our beyond service efforts to cater to the needs of the entire Boholano community, we are still having gaps in the production chain of the industry”.


 The governor cited that, to date, Bohol still strives to achieve self-sufficiency in fish supply.

 The provincial government has counterpart for the rehabilitation of the fishponds for bangus and tilapia through the acquisition of equipment through bank financing worth P54 million and the construction of a fish feed mill worth P12 million.

 In addition, the province is also establishing agri-fishery retail terminals in strategic locations in the province to cater to the marketing needs of the producers and processors.

 On this, the governor sought the support of BFRA to finance the establishment of a seaweeds powder facility to process the extender to be used in the processing of meat and fishery products and the waste for the production of feeds to both livestock and fishery.

 Bohol also needs cold storage facilities to extend the life span of marine fish catch and processed products in the major fishery areas in Ubay, Mabini, Talibon, Getafe and Tubigon, including the ice-making machines and ice crusher with banyera.

 To complete the value chain process, Yap also requests further for the establishment of fish and other fishery products processing facilities for bangus and tilapia.


 The establishment of agri-fishery retail terminals requires P35.986 million.


 The provincial government will fund the project in coordination with other funding institutions and local government units.

 Two agri-fishery retail terminals will be located in Tagbilaran City, one in barangay Tawala in Panglao, and one in Carmen.

 Beneficiaries are the farm and fishery families with venture in agri-fishery who are expected to realize higher real lifetime income.


 The project will feature improved business venture spaces, social spaces and improved quality products on display that reduce operational errors.

 The total budget for the procurement of a refrigerated storage of fish and fishery products is pegged at P14.75 million proposed to be sourced from BFAR.


 The plan is to place these in Tubigon, Talibon, Ubay, Getafe and Panglao.

 The establishment of seaweeds processing facility in Talibon requires a budget of P11.1535 million.

 “The provincial government will allocate funds for the project, while the Office of the Provincial Agriculturist will take charge in its implementation.”

 Aside from BFAR, and other agencies with similar complementary programs and projects that may be identified in the future will also be considered as other potential sources of funds for the project.

 Direct beneficiaries of the projects are the recognized seaweed farmers, recognized people’s organizations that will manage the finished facility.

 “The project is expected to increase the production of seaweeds in the province and develop its non-food uses as climatic condition and the water environment of Bohol are highly suitable for seaweeds farming.

aa It may utilize water routes in the future but proper coordination with the LGU and the seaweeds farmers themselves will address the expected increase in the use of marine areas for intensive seaweeds farming in the future.”

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