P47k cash seized from 2 female BDJ inmates, says warden

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P47k cash seized from 2 female BDJ inmates, says warden

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NO DRUGS. In a greyhound operation conducted due to reported presence of a large drug stash, police operatives only found bladed weapons, cash and cellphone’s from Bohol District Jail cells on Wednesday dawn.

Other than contraband such as mobile phones, bladed weapons and drug paraphernalia, authorities also seized large amount of cash from two female detainees during a wide scale-greyhound operation inside the Bohol District Jail (BDJ) on Wednesday morning.

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According to BDJ warden Chief Insp. Felipe Montejo, the women, who he did not identified, had in their jail cells cash worth P47,000.

However, P25,000 of the said amount were confiscated from a detainee who was assigned to oversee operations of the jail commissary.


The money was believed to be the cooperative’s income which was not yet remitted.

Meanwhile, the other detainee claimed that the seized P22,000 was supposed to be payment for her lawyer.

Montejo said that inmates are prohibited from being in possession of large amount of cash.

They are only allowed to have less than P1,000, he added.

Money seized from both detainees will be returned after an investigation if the cash is proven to have been obtained through legal means.

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In previous months, several detainees have yielded large amount of cash including one Ginomar Pelayre who was caught in possession of P69,000 during a surprise inspection in august.

In May, P29,000 was confiscated from detainee Cristoper Buslon also in a greyhound operation. (Allen Doydora)

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