The 2013 Bohol quake through Boholanos’ eyes

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The 2013 Bohol quake through Boholanos’ eyes

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Exactly four years ago today, a 7.2-magnitude earthquake brought Bohol down to its knees. But amid the tragedy, some local photographers who were victims of the devastating tremor themselves were able to document through photos the resiliency of Boholanos during the worst calamity to hit the province in recent history.

STREET HOSPITAL. Right after the quake, hospitals move their operations outdoors. This was the scene outside the Tagbilaran Community Hospital a day after the tremor. (Photo from Gerald Cabal)

ROLLING STONE. A large boulder rolls down a steep slope and blocks half of a road in Cortes which leads to the Abatan River. (Photography by Gerald Cabal)

NATURE’S MIGHT. The wrath of the 7.2-magnitude quake leaves several bridges in Bohol damaged and unpassable including this one which leads to Baang, Catigbian. (Photography by Rio Lansang)

HALF A HILL. Even the world-renowned Chocolate Hills were not spared by mother nature’s wrath. (Photography by Gerald Cabal)

BOHOLANO INGENUITY. With the bridge completely impassable, residents cross the Abatan River in Cortes using a makeshift fluvial shuttle. (Photography by Rio Lansang)

SOS. “Please drop your help here.” This photo taken in Catigbian shows quake victims call out for help using written signs asking for water and food. (Photography by Jaime Besera)

DAY AND NIGHT.Various organizations and volunteers work 24/7 in conducting relief efforts at the CPG Sports Complex in Tagbilaran City. (Photography by Gerald Cabal)

HOME. Photo shows a glimpse at one of the hundreds of temporary shelters for evacuees in Bohol. (Photography by Gerald Cabal)

SAFER OUTDOORS. Even amid a drizzle, some Tagbilaran City residents opt to rest at the CPG Sports Complex as aftershocks abound. (Photography by Gerald Cabral)

UPSIDE OF INNOCENCE. Children laugh and play at an evacuation center in Baang, Catigbian just days after the earthquake. (Photography by Christine T. Zamora)

NO SUNSHINE. Evacuees line up to get their share of relief goods amid rains at the CPG Sports Complex. (Photography by Gerald Cabal)

WATER PLEASE. Residents of Baang, Catigbaan who have not had supply of potable water for days ask for bottles of water from groups conducting relief operations in the village. (Photography by Christine T. Zamora)

IN DROVES. Relief goods from donors across the country arrive in droves. This photo was taken at the Bohol Cultural Center just days after the quake. (Photography by Gerald Cabal)


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