Another Tagbilaran LSI positive for COVID; Bohol cases now at 15

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Another Tagbilaran LSI positive for COVID; Bohol cases now at 15

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Another locally stranded individual quarantined in Tagbilaran City has tested positive for the coronavirus disease (COVID) 2019, raising the number of infected LSIs in the city to three and total number of cases in the province to 15.

According to Tagbilaran City administrator Cathelyn Torremocha, the LSI tested positive in a polymerase chain reaction test whose results were made known on Tuesday afternoon.

The LSI, a 30-year-old man, was ferried from Cebu to Tagbilaran City on June 6 and has been in quarantine since his arrival.

Torremocha said that the LSI who is asymptomatic has been transferred to the local government unit’s (LGU) isolation facility.  


“Gi transfer na nato sa isolation area g’yud nato na way makahalubilo na lain,” she said.

While the Department of Interior and Local Government no longer requires LGUs to tests LSIs, Tagbilaran City still subjects all of its residents arriving from various parts of the country to rapid and PCR testing.

In the Chronicle’s previous count, there were 10 reported cases in the province.

However, on top of the 10 cases, the provincial government has included in its count the three health workers from the Governor Celestino Gallares Memorial Hospital who tested positive for the disease while undergoing training in Cebu and the overseas Filipino worker (OFW) whose test result was deemed “false positive” by local authorities.

All four cases which are now listed in the “recoveries” column were not acknowledged as confirmed cases in Bohol by the Capitol prior to the release of the new tally on Tuesday and when these were still considered as active cases.

There are now seven active COVID-19 cases in the province.


Most of the active cases are LSIs with a tally of five. Two of the other active cases are health workers of a private hospital who were in contact with a COVID-19 patient who has already recovered.


The following are the confirmed COVID-19 cases in Bohol, both active and resolved:

  • Chinese national, female, 60 (recovered)
  • GCGMH health worker 1 (recovered)
  • GCGMH health worker 2 (recovered)
  • GCGMH health worker 3 (recovered)
  • OFW 1 (recovered)
  • OFW 2 (recovered)
  • Calape resident, male, 89 (deceased)
  • Tagbilaran resident, female, 65 (recovered)
  • ACE health worker 1 (active)
  • ACE health worker 2 (active)
  • Tagbilaran LSI 1 (active)
  • Tagbilaran LSI 2 (active)
  • Tagbilaran LSI 3 (active)
  • Candijay LSI (active)
  • Sagbayan LSI  (active)

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