How your family’s safety is their number 1 priority

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How your family’s safety is their number 1 priority

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The latest Coronavirus has created a huge pandemic that hit the whole globe this year. And right now, everyone’s priority is staying safe and preventing any untoward contact with the outside world to minimize exposure and possible infection.

But we all still need things every single day to survive. With everyone stuck at home, pantry supplies run low real fast. And that means a need to make a trip to the grocery every now and then to replenish your supplies at home. These days, it’s scarier to go out in public than to ride the biggest roller coaster in the world.

Green Mart is one of the latest online grocery platforms available for people who need to get their supplies without risks, hassles, or limitations. They have taken into consideration every single factor that a person might have in mind that deters them from doing their online grocery shopping and has created a platform that is friendly and easy to use.


How Can Green Mart Help You During the Pandemic?


We all want what is best for ourselves and our loved ones. And Green Mart understands that need. We do not need to make things harder than it should so let Green Mart show you how we can make life simple despite the challenges we face these days.

Convenience – this one should take the cake for the whole list. Imagine going through your whole grocery list as you sit at home enjoying your morning coffee. You will not need to go aisle after aisle just to find the items you need. Simply browse through their catalog and find the things that you require and add them to your cart. If you are feeling kind of bored at home, you can move around your pantry and cupboards to check for items running low. And the biggest difference is, you will not even have to stand in line and have to carry your groceries at the end of your trip.

Safety – Everyone’s top priority nowadays, right? Why risk going out to do a grocery run and expose yourself to the virus? Their staff will pick and pack the items you’ve added in your cart for you. You won’t need to touch item after item that’s been touched by who knows how many shoppers before you. 

No Lines – have you been to the grocery lately? Of course, you have. That said, you’ve seen the long lines that practices social distancing, health protocols, and minimal capacity they allow entry at any given time. Your usual 15-minute trip to the store can end up a 2-hour ordeal—more if you’re doing a full haul. And honestly, who has the time for that?


With Green Mart, you won’t need to stand and wait in line for your turn to enter the grocery. Simply log in to the app or browse their website to find the things you need.

What to Expect from Green Mart?


Green Mart aims to be a great provider for all our online grocery shopping needs. As they’ve carefully put every factor into consideration, they’ve come up with ways to make our online grocery shopping simpler and more practical. These includes:


Organized Listings – their catalog caries a wide variety of items that you can choose from. They have specific categories to make browsing more fun and easier. Need cereal? Tap on their breakfast tab and you’ll find several options.

If you’re not too excited about the marquee categories tab, you can always use the drop-down heading to select the proper category and sub-category for your needs. Looking for toothpaste? Go to the “Personal Care” category and click on the “Oral Care” sub to find a list of available toothpaste products. 

Great Deals – it’s pretty common to expect to find the items you need at regular prices. Promos and discounts often only apply to wholesale groceries, but you’ll be happy to know that Green Mart offers a lot of items at discounts and bundles. Not only will you find the things you need, you’ll also get the most value out of your money. 


Their products not only comes with discounts, some of their bundles are even too good to pass up. They have free items with each bundle purchase that you can see from their catalog.

Fresh Food – not many online grocery stores offer fresh food options. At Green Mart, you can find a wide variety of food items that will help you in your meal planning.


Need meats? What kind? They have choice cuts of beef, chicken, and pork. Planning a special meal? You can get a whole pork pata leg from them that you can turn into a scrumptious crispy pata or humba. Or perhaps a yummy pot roast with their choice sirloin cuts. 

How about your daily dose of veggies? They have a wide variety of fresh vegetables to choose from. You’ll easily find anything from a simple garlic head (oh, they have peeled ones, too) to leafy greens and larger crops like upo. Now you won’t need to worry about preparing healthy meals at home, you can find all the ingredients for your recipes from Green Mart.

And what meal is complete without some fruits? Green Mart has this covered, too. You can find fresh fruits from their catalog. Get a bunch of bananas, grapes, or some apples to give you the extra natural vitamin dose you need each day. Feeling a bit more tropical? They also have mangoes and whole coconuts, too. Crazy, right?

Not only are these fresh, they come at discounts, too!

Same Day Shipping – complete your transaction early and get your haul within the same day. Why wait for all your things until the next scheduled ship out date especially when you have fresh food in your list. You can plan to make a hearty dinner and get all your ingredients before then without even stepping one foot outside your home.

How is Green Mart Unique from Other Online Groceries?

Yes, we’ve all heard of other online grocery stores, but Green Mart has carefully curated their site to ensure that we get the most out of our hard-earned money. They have considered everything that we can need or want and is why they have been able to come up with unique ways to serve the public that highlights: 

User-friendly Platform – admit it, the first thing that turns us all off is how complicated a site or app is to use. Green Mart understands that not everyone is as tech savvy as most kids are nowadays. Navigating through the site and using filters might not be everyone’s cup of tea. So they’ve taken that possible frustration away. All you need to do is type in the category or product you need on their search bar and voila! instant results.

Varied Payment Options – Another common problem most online shoppers experience is the ability to choose a payment gateway they’re most comfortable using on online grocery platforms. Green Mart knows that and is why they offer a wide range of payment options that vary from over-the counter payments to various online payment options. 

Mobile Version – Why stay stuck on a browser when shopping? Green Mart has its own app that you can easily and conveniently download from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Install it on your mobile device and you can do your online grocery shopping from anywhere at any time.

Round the Clock Support – They take pride in providing 24-hour support to their members. Do you have a question you just can’t shake and wait for an answer until the next morning? Not a problem. They provide assistance anytime of the day. No need to wait until 8am the next day or rush to send in your concerns before 5pm.

Open to Everyone – Green Mart offers their online grocery platform to anyone who needs it. You can opt to become a member or just choose to shop without obligations. So what’s the difference?

Non-Membership Shopping – this entails that you can shop freely just by logging in using a free account. You’ll be charged a minimal Personal Shopper’s fee that takes away the hassle of picking out the items and checking out yourself. Shipping fee will also be charged at a minimal rate depending on your location.

Membership Shopping – they charge a minimal fee for annual membership for shoppers and business owners (the latter has a separate category). Doing so will allow you to enjoy several benefits over non-members. You’ll get discounts on your Personal Shoppers fees, have priority delivery schedules, shipping discounts and even free shipping depending on your total cart amount, COD deliveries, prio customer support, and access to all their discounts and promotions.

Payment Channels

This is probably one of the most common pains people have when doing their online shopping. Green Mart’s got you covered.

Over the Counter (Offline) Payments – Green Mart understands if you find this option to be most convenient (and safe) for your payments. You can swing by the nearest Bayad Center, LBC, or Cebuana Lhuillier branch to make payment. And if you happen to be near or at Robinsons or SM, you can also make your payments there. 

Bank Options – of course Green Mart has thought of this, too. They did not limit their banking options to just a few major names. You can make payment using any of the current 12 banks on their list.   You also have the option to do either an offline or online payment to complete your transaction.

Credit or Debit – probably one of the easiest and most common payment options you’ll find anywhere. You can simply use your card to complete your payment transaction and hasten your online grocery shopping experience. 

Paypal – well, what do you know? They have Paypal too! This one isn’t a common option for local online stores, but Green Mart knows many prefer to use their Paypal accounts to complete payments but very few offers this option. This one is probably the most convenient to use out of everything else on the list. 

DragonPay – DragonPay is a common option anywhere nowadays. And why not? It’s flexible and you can top up the exact amount you need to pay using any other channel the gateway allows. You can use your Gcash app to make payment or any of your online banking channels.


To sum up: 

In a sense, you could probably take comfort in knowing that Green Mart thinks like a head of the household rather than any other business owner. They know the possible aches and pains of regular shoppers and have taken these into consideration in creating the online grocery platform.

It’s menial to think about the added costs of having a personal shopper and shipping fees. Just think about the practical aspects. You won’t need to leave the house, stand in line, risk exposure, and spend hours upon hours just to do your grocery run. Time can’t be bought and you won’t even need to spend any more time than just selecting your needs, adding them to your cart, and completing your transaction. All you’ll have to do after that is to wait for delivery and putting your groceries away. 

If you enjoy grocery shopping with your family, you can take comfort in knowing that you can make this into a virtual activity. Have your family members take their turn at picking out items to add to your cart. That way there won’t be any possibilities of forgetting to get something for a family member during your grocery haul. And even if you do forget to buy something, getting the extra items is just as easy to do without so much fuss. Best of all, you’ll stay safe while you do.

Honestly, their existence is an advantage that goes beyond the current health crisis we are all facing. When the dust settles in a year or so from now, their service will still prove to be one of the most valuable for people.

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