32 Boholanos pass 2022 Bar exam

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32 Boholanos pass 2022 Bar exam

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At least 32 Boholanos from various schools across the country passed the 2022 Bar Examination which was conducted through a series of tests in November last year.

In a list posted by Atty. David Maulas, press relations officer of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) Bohol Chapter, the Boholanos were graduates of the Holy Name University, University of Bohol, Bohol Institute of Technology, San Beda University, University of San Carlos and University of Cebu.

The following are the new Boholano lawyers based on Maulas’ list:

University of Bohol

  • 1) Atty. Cabido, Christian
  • 2) Atty. Cabading, Romeo
  • 3) Atty. Galban, Daniel
  • 4) Atty. Labor, Deverly
  • 5) Atty. Bolongaita, Jasonry
  • 6) Atty. Cuajao, George

Bohol Institute of Technology

  • 1)Atty. Karenn Ann Beniga
  • 2) Atty. Hedeliza Carcueva
  • 3) Atty. Timoteo Carcueva
  • 4) Atty. Frederick Dacapio
  • 5) Atty. Drib Laurence Ingles
  • 6) Atty. Bethuel Nuez

San Beda University

  • Atty. Daphne Aseniero

Holy Name University

  • Atty. Buena, Jason Cajes
  • Atty. Bullecer, Melina
  • Atty. Cesar, Josianne
  • Atty. Del Rosario, Rey Ann Catherine
  • Atty. Fuentes, Jessie
  • Atty. Laurden, Nelson
  • Atty. Madelozo, Therese Marionne
  • Atty. Matutes, Luke Marnel
  • Atty. Miculob, Janin
  • Atty. Monsendo, Doreen Joy
  • Atty. Salinas,  Gale
  • Atty. Solarte, Riza
  • Atty. Toston, Sheila Mae
  • Atty. Unajan, Jayvee
  • Atty. Yap, Cecil Jed Yuri

University of San Carlos

  • Atty. Roslinda, Maurice Bryan Gorospe
  • Atty. Limpot, Kathleen
  • Atty. Arcayos, Breden

University of Cebu

  • Atty. Japos, Myrna Joy

Supreme Court Associate Justice Alfredo Benjamin Caguioa, the 2022, bar chair, announced on Friday that a total of 3,992 out of 9,183 passed the 2022 Bar examination.


The number of passers accounted for a national passing rate of 43.4 % of examinees.


The 2022 bar was the second digitalized examination. It was conducted at 14 testing centers on November 9, 13, 16, and 20, last year.

According to Caguioa, oath taking and roll signing of successful examinees will be on May 2, 2023.

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