Mikee Andrei brings you ‘Yes I Do’; Brothers sing ‘Tagai Kog Rason’

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Mikee Andrei brings you ‘Yes I Do’; Brothers sing ‘Tagai Kog Rason’

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Mikee Andrei to hold ‘Yes I Do’ bridal fair on July 13 with Miss Bohol 2015 candidates.
Mikee Andrei to hold ‘Yes I Do’ bridal fair on July 13 with Miss Bohol 2015 candidates.

Boholanos take their weddings seriously, such that bridal fairs featuring both homegrown talents and Cebu-Manila-based import are a hit in the province, one of the wedding destinations in the country.  This year, fashion icon Mikee Andrei will showcase her creativity, style, influence and professionalism.


Mikee, of course, is one of the country’s young and eminent designers, known as much for her elaborating the female silhouette and creating vintage stuffs into design pieces. As president of the Fashion Designer Alliance Manila (FaDal), she finished her studies at the Fashion Institute of the Philippines where she is presently working as the school’s administrator and one of the teachers in fashion design.


On July 13, Mikee, in partnership with Bellevue Resort, Blue Grass Project and JCI-Bohol Chocolate Hills, will showcase her bridal collection-“Yes I Do!” with the Miss Bohol 2015 candidates and special guests.


It will be a lovely treat for all the brides-to-be, wedding planners, and wedding enthusiasts helping their loved ones plan for their big day.



“Well, I’m from Bohol and I’ve shows in Manila already and it’s time to go back to where I started and came from,” said Mikee.


Special guests include actress Rich Asuncion, Miss Bohol International 2012 Mary Ebone Cimafranca, Miss Earth

Bohol 2015 Gayle Suzette Yu and Miss Bohol 2014 Queeni Melody Fullante who will showcase dresses from each brand new (hot off the rails) collections.


“I’ll be showcasing a variety of bridal pieces perfect for a garden or church wedding and especially beach wedding in hue of white, ecru, silver and ash, gold and cream,” said Mikee. “There will be themed bridal dresses also which are not the typical colors of bridal gowns.”


Tickets for the “Yes I Do” are at P350, available at Martin’s Restobar and Wilsons Restaurant.


And here’s more back-and-forth with Mikee Andrei:


What’s totally new for this collection? In this collection, you will see not only the hues of cream, white, ecru, and beige. There will be other colors perfect for themed weddings and creative brides.



Save the date, July 13 and get a glimpse of your dream wedding at Bellevue Resort in Panglao.
Save the date, July 13 and get a glimpse of your dream wedding at Bellevue Resort in Panglao.

Fantasy bride? I’ve been dreaming of having a black bride. That includes the long veil! The red lips and the bloody red bouquet of roses to complete the look.


Engaged celeb you’d love to dress? There is none that I can think of right now but if I am to be asked, my dream celebrity bride is Soleen Heusaff!


First dress you ever designed? The first dress I made as I can remember, that I consider a decent dress, is the one I made for myself for the gala night of Cary Santiago at the Marriott Grand Ballroom in Resorts World Manila. The front act of that gala was John Herrera who was my mentor. My gown was in rust orange and stretch suede fabric. It was inspired from my Greek goddess obsession.



Most favorite dress you’ve ever designed? I can say the one I made for the Faculty segment of the graduation show 2012 of Fashion Institute of the Philippines was and still my favorite. My muse was Krista Kleiner. It was inspired by royalties and it was made of lace and layers of soft tulle and decorated with swarowvski crystals.


Who is the Mikee Andrei bride? The Mikee Andrei bride is the one who is unafraid to say what she wants and how she wants to be remembered on her wedding day – glowing, beautiful and happy, genuinely happy. When a woman wears something she loves and is total comfort and confidence, that’s a kudos to the designer.



Tanio brothers sing ‘Just Give Me A Reason’ in Visayan

Sukad nagkaila ta/Ikaw aking gihigugma/Nganong imo kung gibiyaan/Gimaotan ba ka sa akoang hitsura

Maong imo kung giilisdan

Gusto mo lalaking macho ug guwapo/Di ka gusto nako kay mura kog di tawo/Guwapo man unta ko sa wa pa nauso ang tawo

CHORUS: Tagai kog rason/Nganong dili ko nimo sugton/Lisod ba higugmaon sama nako/Nga maot og nawong?/Naglibog ko sa akoang hitsura/ Angay bang mahayan ko / Si mama sa akong hitsura.

Bisan ingon ani lang ni akoang hitsura/ Pero imong tutukan maanad raka/ Kung ikaw dili maakoa di ko maagwanta/Nga ikaw wanay gugma

Gusto mo lalaking macho ug guwapo/ Di ka gusto nako kay mura kog di tawo/ Guwapo man unta ko sa wa pa nauso ang tawo… —Tagai kog Rason


That’s the (unofficial) Visayan version of Pink’s Give Me A Reason sang by brothers Emmanuel and Sandy Tanio during the blind audition of The Voice Kids on June 28. Their performance made a huge impression on Bamboo who turned his chair as he watched them singing with their diwdiw (an invented musical instrument with two strings) and ukelele.


From Amakan Village in Dampas, Tagbilaran City, Emman, 12, and Sandy,9,  are singing for various people in the beach in Panglao, terminals and restaurants, to help their parents– Sanny, an occasional construction worker and Elizabeth, a housewife.  Until The Voice producers saw Emman and Sandy were caroling in Acacia de Bubu in Burgos Street, Tagbilaran City.  The Voice producers sent them straight through to the judges in Manila.


Sanny and Elizabeth had to borrow clothes and shoes from their neighbors for Emman and Sandy. They also borrowed money from their friends for the terminal fees. Sanny had only 200 pesos in his pocket when they arrived in Manila.


“But the Lord provided,” said Sanny.


Tuwang-tuwa ako,,” Bamboo said.


Sa umpisa pa lang, nahuli niyo na ako. Instrumento pa lang. Isa ito sa mga paborito kong performance sa season na ito,” he added.


Bamboo even tried his hand at playing the diwdiw, an improvised homemade instrument, which Sanny made for them using a pot.


It’s all surreal they said they were able to sing at The Voice Kids, especially as they watched the auditions surrounded by hundreds of kids from the different parts of the country.


“Gikulbaan pud ko gamay,” said Emman who wants to become a policeman.


“Hapit ko malimot sa lyrics,” said Sandy who wants to be a doctor.


Bamboo asked Sanny if he could make diwdiw for him. Bamboo also gave smartphones to Emman and Sandy for them to use while in Bohol waiting for the next battles. Their old slum house was also repaired.


Hundreds of fans say they are hoping the brothers would the next Voice kids.


Prof. Marianito Luspo who watched the episode posted on his Facebook: Saw these two Boholano kids on TV tonight performing for The Voice Kids. I used to see them singing for various people in the beach in Panglao and I always make it a point to give them something, other than my words of encouragement. Now they’re on TV, their raw talents pitted against many other contenders with voice techniques and looks infinitely much more sophisticated than theirs. I had to admit my heart bled and my tears flowed, especially when Eman said he is doing this to help augment their family’s income and that his father’s earning as a carpenter does not always guarantee there’s enough food for all of them. Somebody suggested, “If I were one of the judges, I’ll make them win!” Why- because of pity? Since when has an artistic competition become a work of charity? We have to admit their performance paled in comparison with the other contestants’. To make them win simply because of ‘luoy’ would be pathetically patronizing. If there was something the two boys succeeded in proving tonight, it is that there are untold numbers of children out there living marginal lives and who deserve a better deal in society, and that we should do our part.

In December 2014, the Tanio family were invited to the South Palms Resort in Panglao to perform during the initial discussions on Hawaii-Bohol sisterhood agreement attended by guests from Hawaii, the vice speaker of Hawaii Congress John Mizuno, Consul General Congen Gina Jamoralin and Capitol officials headed by Gov. Edgar Chatto. It was facilitated by Andrea Echavez of the USAid who searched the family after Janet Lau in Hawaii saw Emman and his father on Youtube (uploaded by a priest from Jagna) wished to give donation.

After their performance, the guests were impressed that they were given new guitars, ukuleles and cash gifts.

“We really appreciated the raw talents of the Tanio family who showed to our guests from Hawaii and to our consul general based in Hawaii how the kids can be trained on musicality as well as used of musical instruments from scrap materials normally thrown to the garbage, but they are using it for music,” said Gov. Edgar Chatto. “The kids talents are vey original and we can use of this as also starting point for bringing out the best from the other people talented as they are but moving in communities. We will develop a program at Center for Culture and Arts and Development to support this kind of arts and talent of these children.”


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